Cool thrillers for warm nights

Ever wonder what happens to the lone girl who survives horror movies? Wonder no more in “Final Girls’ by Riley Sager.

Ten years ago, Quincy survived her friends’ massacre in the woods. Deemed in the press one of the Final Girls, she joins Lisa, who survived a sorority house murder, and Samantha, kidnapped from an inn and forced to do what it takes to survive. But now Lisa has died, and Samantha has been reclusive for years.

That is until the day she shows up on Quincy’s door. Sam thinks the two need to be friends since they are the only two left. But what secrets is Sam hiding? And can you really be a Final Girl if there are two of you?

A twisty story with a throwback to your favorite scary movies, this is an entertaining thriller that will keep you in suspense until the end.

“Final Girls” is published by Dutton. It is $26 and 339 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Ace Atkins returns to his Quinn Colson series in “The Fallen.”

Quinn has just been reelected sheriff and with the help of fellow officer Lillie Virgil, is on the hunt for a group of military-trained bank robbers that are hitting the area. Meanwhile, Quinn’s sister is trying to find two troubled teenage girls who have gone missing, and the town’s madam, Fannie Hathcock, is trying to keep her businesses going with or without the interference of the local good ol’ boys. How will all three stories converge?

A deep South story with mystery roots, the cast of characters will keep readers intrigued.

“The Fallen” is published by Putnam. It is $27 and 358 pages long.


A mother’s worst nightmare happens in “Here and Gone” by Haylen Beck.

Audra is fleeing her abusive husband with her two children when she is pulled over by the sheriff of a small town in Arizona. She has nothing to fear from the authorities until he finds a bag of marijuana in her things and arrests her. Audra thinks he planted it, but why? And then her children are taken from her and told they will be taken somewhere safe. When she finally gets to jail, everyone claims there never were any children. Where did they go and how can she prove something awful has happened?

Meanwhile, Danny hears a news report of something that happened in Arizona that sounds chillingly familiar. Can he help Audra before its too late?

A chilling story that will haunt readers, this thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Here and Gone” is published by Crown. It is $26 and 287 pages long.


Manon thinks cold cases are going to provide an easy path but she is mistaken in “Persons Unknown” by Susie Steiner.

Manon has enough on her plate with her adopted son’s conflicting feelings about her new baby on the way, and trying to live with her sister and her sister’s child. But then a man is found dead in a park, and the next thing she knows, her son is being arrested for the murder. Once she finds out the victim’s identity everything changes as he is connected to her sister. Can she prove her son didn’t do it? Who really killed him? And why are the family ties growing tighter? What is going on in Manon’s family?

A story of one policewoman trying to make things right for her community and her family, this is a good mystery with a very human heart.

“Persons Unknown” is published by Random House. It is $27 and 312 pages long.


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