The Internet can sneak up on you

A study from the analytics firm comScore in 2016 found consumers complete 51 percent of all purchases online, causing local, familiar stores to close and families to suffer while their jobs and income are being taken away from them.

Around 12 million jobs in retail are facing proliferating competition from Amazon, particularly the 6.2 million people who work in stores that are most often located in shopping centers, according to Electronics and appliances retailer HHGregg stated it would shut down 40 percent of its stores by mid-April, eradicating nearly 1,500 jobs for a workforce that is already struggling. Department store chain Sears is reportedly closing 30 of its stores, with most announcing they would completely cease activity by the end of April.

Why are we letting the online world take over and eliminate the simple pleasure of knowing you have found exactly what you were searching for? Ordering online is not the same as holding the desired product in your own grasp and getting a first-hand look at what you’ve been tirelessly trying to find. The satisfaction of knowing you’re buying just what you need it fits perfectly and speaks to you; you don’t have to worry about it coming in and finding that it’s not precisely what you wanted–there’s nothing more delightful, pleasing and relieving.

The Internet has done countless beneficial things–its everlasting availability has saved all of us at one point or another and social media keeps us in check and connected to the rest of the world–but there comes a point where we need to back away from it because of the high risk of receiving grave repercussions. It does not contain everything we need. Dependency on the Internet and all it has to offer will get you nowhere except frustrated later when you finally realize it is not as stellar as it’s made out to be.

I dream of a world filled with people who go out, interact with others and do something with themselves–it almost seems impossible now. But this is how life used to be–so enjoyable and you could really let your imagination run wild; now we’re stopped by the Internet’s corruptive motives and its appealing way of saying it will do everything for you.

Get up and savor all life has to offer before you can’t, and watch out because the Internet is always ready to sidetrack you.