Novels of suspense, mystery

Bonnie Macbird takes Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on a new adventure in “Art in the Blood.”

It’s 1888, and Holmes is troubled after a Ripper investigation and backsliding into drug use, which worries Watson. A new case may be just what he needs, and it comes in a strange coded letter from cabaret star Mademoiselle La Victoire who is worred about her illegetimate son with a lord. Her child has disappeared and soon after she is attacked. Does someone want her out of the way? While on the hunt, Holmes also is on the hunt for a valuable statue which has also suddenly went missing. And do both cases have something to do with children at a silk mill being killed? If anyone can solve the case(s) it’s Sherlock Holmes!

There’s plenty of twists and turns in this classic-inspired mystery!

“Art in the Blood” is published by Collins Crime Club, a division of HarperCollins. It is $25.99 and 300 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Peter James brings a new story in his Roy Grace series with “You Are Dead.”

Roy Grace and his team are served up two mysteries that seem unconnected – a woman goes missing after making a terrified phone call to her fiancee, the police only finding her car and cell phone at the scene. The same day, workmen find the remains of a woman that has probably been in the park for 30 years. At first they seem like two unrelated horrific crimes, but when another woman goes missing and another long-dead body is found, Grace begins to start making connections. And before long the dangerous realization comes to light – there just may be a serial killer in town.

There’s plenty of suspense in this nail-biter story. “You Are Dead” is published by Minotaur Books. It is $26.99 and 416 paes long.


A 19th century midwife must prove herself innocent when a baby dies in “The Last Midwife” by New York Times bestselling author Sandra Dallas.

Gracy has been trained from the time she was little to be a midwife for her small Colorado town. And she has bourne witness to not only many births, but a few secrets that she has overseen or overheard during her times in her neighbor’s homes during some stressful moments. Gracy has always been a woman of descretion. When she is called to check on a baby whose birth she didn’t oversee, the baby dies a few days later, strangled, and the wealthy family claims she did it. The ensuing chaos and trial threatens to tear the town apart, but someone knows the real truth about what happened that day and the days before it, and the truth will shock everyone. The twist at the end will have readers gasping.

“The Last Midwife” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $25.99.