Girl in city makes unique mark

A young advertising professional finds a new outlet for her creativity when work and her personal life become too stressful in “Copygirl” by Anna Mitchael and Michelle Sassa (Berkley, $15.)

Kay is working for a boutique ad agency and is finding a possible way to make her and her hot partner’s makr on the industry thanks to a new account. But before she knows it, her partner is hanging “with the boys” and making out with the hot girl at the office and Kay is being left further and further behind. What’s a girl to do? Kay turns to an old high school outlet – making dolls and acting out hilarious real-life skits for her best friend. But her videos soon go viral, just as her professional life seems to be going up in smoke. Can Kay win the right account and the right guy? Or has she been misjudging people all along?

This is a funny and heartfelt take on the professional girl in the big city kind of story, as well as a story about finding your own voice. Kay is a great heroine.