Visits and departures liven up community news

Murphytown Correspondence

Miss Pride of Montrose, Colorado, is here visiting her cousin, Mrs. Will Barrett.

Mrs. Knause is on the sick list.

Rev. Wisswasser will lecture at the M.E. church next Saturday evening.

Mrs. Wilson of Keyser is here visiting relatives.

The Epworth League will have an entertainment at the M.E. church Friday evening.

Miss Lou Rose entertained a number of friends very pleasantly last Sunday at her home on Stillwell.

Miss Mary Andrew of Sand Plains spent Tuesday here.

Mrs. Harry Vandra of Homestead, Pa., is here the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Murphy.

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Correcting the Time

The clock struck nine. I looked at Kate.

Whose lips were luscious red.

“At quarter after nine I mean

To steal a kiss,” I said.

She cast a roguish look at me

And then she whispered low,

With just the sweetest smile,

“That Clock is fifteen minutes slow!”

The Parkersburg Sentinel, April 22, 1901

* * *


Murphytown, Sept. 26. – A pleasant reunion of the Bungard family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bungard on Stillwell, Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bungard and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McPeek of Stillwell, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Ingold and son Raymond Eugene of Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bungard and Mr. and Mrs. Harry McPeek of Parkersburg and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Gribble of Murphytown.

Bert Longwell remains seriously ill at his home here.

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Barrett of Lodi, Ohio, and Mrs. James Hoxi of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting here and at Parkersburg.

The Parkersburg Sentinel, Sept. 28, 1928

* * *

Valley Mills

Valley Mills, W.Va., April 16-A number of young people from here attended services at Bethel, Sunday.

Miss Vina Mick, of Texas is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charles Chichester.

Misses Gladys Wingrove and Blanche Curtis were the pleasant guests of Miss Eva Callihan, Sunday.

John Miracle was a business guest of Frank Atkinson, of Vienna, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Haines were the evening guests of Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Wingrove, Saturday.

W.E. Wharton, of New Martinsville, called on his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wharton, Saturday.

S.A. Moats called on his son-in-law, Daniel Sams, Monday.

Miss Anna Wharton and Miss Sarah Haines were shopping in Parkersburg, Saturday.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal, April 16, 1915

* * *

News From Union District

March 24, 1881-There has been a great deal of timber gotten out this winter, such as cross ties, keg wood, etc. If it wasn’t for the timber trade, some people out in the hills would starve to death.

The writing school that has been going on at the Darling School House closed Saturday evening. The six best writers were Miss Ida Rolston, F.C. Jones, W.M. Rolston, J.L. Ogdin and Prof. Woofter.

Mr. H.H. Hoblitzell and others are taking music lessons under the direction of Miss Dora Bond, of Valley Mills.

A fine hotel is to be erected at the Boreland Wells on Frank Triplett’s farm near Cow Creek.

Mr. Lewis Ogdin, of Union, is going to try the experiment on his farm of raising cotton. If any man can make it a success, he can.

Some of the young ladies of this place have been feeling very badly over the disappearance of their friends, Messrs. “Sammie” and “Jackie;” but they will get over it.