Royals, tribute to siblings in fiction

A young woman befriends a traveling royal in “For All of Time” by New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux.

At a friend’s wedding, hardworking Toby meets the handsome Graydon Montgomery, heir to the throne of a small country, whose identical twin, Rory, she met the night previous. When he pretends to be Rory and she calls him on it, Graydon is thunderstruck – no one is supposed to be able to tell them apart and legend is the woman who can is his true love! But Graydon already has an arranged marriage. Intrigued by Toby and wanting a vacation away from his duties, he persuades Rory to stand in for him for his duties and decides to stay in Nantucket and help Toby plan the wedding of an eccentric novelist. But as the two work together, the past and present collide through dreams that may or may not be time travel! Could Toby be the woman Graydon is meant for?

This dreamy romance gives a handsome prince, gorgeous setting and a great female main character to cheer for!

“For All of Time” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $27 and 379 pages long.


A woman gets a new lease on life with a business inheritance in “Best Supporting Role” by Sue Margolis.

Sarah Green’s world is rocked, not once, but twice, when she finds out her loving husband is a gambling addict and has left them broke. Just when she is thinking she will have to divorce, he dies in a freak accident. Sarah finds a new job and eventually, a new stable accountant boyfriend.

When her aunt dies and leaves her a failing lingerie shop, Sarah suddenly gets the idea that she might be able to invigorate the business. Her boyfriend and parents think she is crazy, but Sarah has decided this is the chance she was meant to take. Will it be her fatal gamble?

Sarah is a very likable heroine, with another hot romance waiting in the wings, cute and funny kids and a irrepressible spirit.

“Best Support Role” is published by New American Library. It is $15 and 372 pages long.


Sisters and family are celebrated in the magical “The Glass Kitchen” by bestselling author Linda Francis Lee.

Portia has nothing left for her in Texas after her politician husband leaves her for her best friend. Heartbroken, she moves to New York to be with the only remaining family she has left – her two sisters, Cordelia and Olivia. And there, Portia feels the call of something she hasn’t for a long time that is a gift or a curse.

Like her grandmother before her, Portia was born with the knowing – being able to know what a person wants or needs through food. Portia thought she had left that all behind with the death of her grandmother and the closure of her grandmother’s restaurant, The Glass Kitchen. But now, in New York around her family again, she feels the call again. Especially around her handsome new neighbor, Gabriel, and his young daughter, Ariel. Soon Portia is using her gift again and make friends with both father and daughter.

But complications and lies could put a stop to a romance before it even really begins. Will Portia trust someone with her heart again? Will she silence her gift? This is a charming romance that is a love letter to family and food. It is pure delight and will charm readers.

“The Glass Kitchen” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $25.99 and 375 pages long.


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