Women’s fiction for June

Laura Moore returns to Silver Creek with another sexy cowboy in “Once Tasted.”

Mia seems to be the only woman in town who isn’t thrilled that town bad boy Reid Knowles is back. She had her heart broken by him in high school and doesn’t want to be around him, let alone be friends or anything else with him. But the two soon become unwilling business partners in a winery business. And the more Mia is uninterested and just business with him, the more Reid finds himself attracted to her. While trying to make a go of their wine business and working so closely together, will they succumb to the chemistry building between them? Or will Mia let Reid anywhere near her heart again?

This is a saucy story of a bad boy and the woman who just might be able to tame him. There’s plenty of hot chemistry and quips between Reid and Mia!

“Once Tasted” is published by Ballentine Books. It is $7.99 and 348 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Emily March goes back to Eternity Springs in “Dreamweaver Trail.”

After attending her brother’s Valentine’s Day wedding, Gabi is a little sad that love doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for her. And after recently resigning from her job in the sheriff’s department after having to shoot someone, Gabi is drifting a bit. She decides she needs to get out there more, and out there happens to be a small Caribbean island called Bella Vita Isle. Right away she meets the handsome guy next door, Flynn. A romance begins to brew between the two of them, even as Gabi expands her artistic side in her new environment. Their romance has only just begun when out on a romantic boat cruise, they are attacked by pirates. In the ensuing chaos, Gabi learns Flynn is not who he has made himself out to be – he is an accused murderer! Gabi retreats to Eternity Springs, and Flynn follows, determined to prove to her he is not what everyone says he is. But is there any way she will believe him?

A story of two hurt people trying to start over, this is a good summer time read for fans of the series.

“Dreamweaver Trail” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $7.99 and 315 pages long.


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