Enjoy summer kids’ books

Several new “I Can Read” books help budding readers develop skills!

First is “Biscuit Loves the Library” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli with pictures by Pat Schories (ages 4 to 8, $16.99, HarperCollins.) The library is celebrating Read to a Pet Day and the little girl brings Biscuit. They look at books to choose, see the puppets and even listen to an audiobook. The book Biscuit picks out is a very familiar one that the little girl ends up reading to all of her friends! This is a good book for emergent readers for all ages to enjoy.

Next is “Just A Kite” by Mercer Mayer (ages 4 to 8, $16.99, HarperCollins.) Little Critter finds a kite in a store that is perfect for him. He and dad put it together and get ready for the big Kite Flying Contest. That means a lot of practice on windy days. And one day the kite gets wrecked. They build another, but the string breaks. Will Little Critter still be able to take part in the contest? A story about disappointments and resolutions, little kids will identify with this one.

A dog and a rabbit get acquainted in “Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie’s New Friend” based on stories by Ree Drummond and Diane DeGroat (ages 4 to 8, $16.99, HarperCollins.) Mama isn’t preparing Charlie’s bacon breakfast, so he goes to find her and sees she’s in the garden. Charlie chases birds and squirrels and then sees his favorite things to chase -rabbits. One of them actually steals a carrot right in front of him. Charlie’s going to catch the thief, but he may become friends through snacks… This is a funny story that will crack kids up.

A real-life story of an elephant seal who decides to have a nap across a two-lane road in New Zealand is told in “Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas” by Lynne Cox with illustrations by Brian Floca (ages 4 to 8, $17.99, Schwartz & Wade.) Elephant seals are supposed to live on sandy beaches, but Elizabeth likes to swim the Avon River and end up in Christchurch, New Zealand. Which is fine for people to see along the riverbank, but not so much much when she decided to go exploring and lay down in the middle of a road! The people of the town got together to transport her back to the ocean, only to find her return over and over again! The back of the book has some facts about elephant seals and even has a picture of the real Elizabeth!

A lovely illustrated book tells a simple story of animals going to sleep in “It is Night” by Phyllis Rowand with pictures by Laura Dronzek (ages 4 to 8, $16.99, HarperCollins.) Night falls, and where should a big brown bear sleep? How about a rooster? A rabbit? A duck? A cat, seal, dog and even an elephant look for a bed to rest. What about railroad trains and dolls? Don’t they sleep too? What about a mouse and a monkey? That sure is a lot of things for one bed…or maybe not! The ending is great and very familiar to a lot of parents whose kids like to sleep with all of their toys!

A not so ordinary princess makes a fearsome friend in “The Worst Princess” by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie ($16.99, Random House.) Princess Sue lives in her tower, waiting for the day her prince will come. When he finally shows up, she is thrilled, until she is taken back to his castle and put in his penthouse tower. But Sue wants to ride horses and have adventures, but the prince wants her to wear fancy dresses and stay at home. Sue ends up inviting the dragon over for tea in which they both complain about how annoying the prince is, so the dragon blows down the tower and they go off for adventures on their own.

Sue might not be the best princess, but she does know how to have fun!

A little girl gets an unexpected pet in “Sparky!” by Jenny Offill and Chris Appelhans (ages 4 to 8, $10.99, Random House.) A girl wants a bird or a bunny or a trained seal, but her mother says no. She finally tells her she can have a pet if it doesn’t need to be walked or bathed or fed. What kind of pet would that be? How about a sloth? Sparky the sloth lays in a tree and sleeps. For days. The girl tries to play with him, but the game he is best at is playing statue. Is a sloth a good pet after all? The illustrations really make this book come alive and draw you in.

A seahorse and a jellyfish are friends in “Peanut Butter and Jellyfish” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (ages 3 to 7, $16.99, Random House.) Peanut Butter and Jellyfish love to swim together. They live near Crabby who really lives up to his name. They do their best to ignore him and his taunts. One day they swim by and see Crabby in a cage being lifted to the surface. Will they stop and rescue him? A cute story of friendship and second chances, this bright book will catch kids’ attention quickly!


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