Zombies, vampires grab bite in fiction

John L. Campbell starts off a new zombie apocalypse series in “Omega Days.”

Within a few days the whole world is overrun by the Omega virus, a virus that turns everyone who dies or is bitten by an infected member into the walking dead.

The story follows several different groups of survivors across California.

There’s Xavier Church, a priest who just found his career ending after being involved in a shooting. He quickly finds himself the reluctant leader of a small group of survivors.

Then there’s Skye, a young college girl who witnessed her family being killed the day she was supposed to move into Berkeley.

Rescued by soldiers who are then killed, Skye must rely on herself in order to survive and get vengeance for her family.

There’s Angie West, a heavily armed star of a reality show about gunsmiths who happened to be out shooting an episode when the outbreak happens.

Separated from her family, she only wants to find out if her daughter survived, but must hole up in an abandoned firehouse with her uncle and another small group of survivors that she somehow becomes responsible for.

Then there’s Evan, a young man off on a roadtrip adventure who ends up joining up with a group of traveling hippies, Peter, the worst kind of televangelist, who will continue to do anything to survive and sacrifice anyone in his way, and many more.

The story is told through different characters’ points of view, main characters and side characters who are killed off rather quickly. It’s a good zombie horror story, and the characters are all well developed, even ones who die off (let’s not talk about the man and his dog!)

This was originally written and produced online and new additions have been made to this book, which makes me wonder if some of the people who are killed off were in the original or not.

The story cuts off abruptly at the end, making a sequel possible, I just wish the ending wasn’t quite so abrupt. I really enjoyed the story and stayed up very late reading it!

Fans of the “Walking Dead” will definitely want to pick this one up to get their zombie fix!

“Omega Days” is published by Berkley. It is $15 and 360 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden continues her Phoenix Fire series in “Once Bitten, Twice Burned.”

Ryder Duncan is a vampire captured by mysterious forces who are experimenting on supernaturals. Starving in his cell, his captors push a lovely young woman into the room with him, and though a part of him doesn’t want to hurt her, he does what his captors demand and feeds …

Sabine Acadia has no memory of who or where she is – she only knows that she is being attacked by a vampire.

And powers she never knew she had, of fire, kick on while she is dying. Ryder the vampire wants to help protect her, but Sabine doesn’t know if she can trust anyone, including herself.

This is a hot and sexy paranormal treat of phoenixes and vampires, of action and romance.

“Once Bitten, Twice Burned” is published by Brava. It is $14 and 337 pages long.


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