Headlines show impact of war effort on Mid-Ohio Valley

As the United States prepared for war, the nation rallied to support our troops and the cause for which they would fight. Below are headlines from the Parkersburg News for the week of April 20-28, 1942; each briefly describes how this area was affected by and supported the war effort:

April 20: Road commission planning agency is transformed: Highway agency transformed into war transport division for duration, it was announced

April 22: “Fair rents commission” will be established at Marietta: Marietta may be designated as Defense Housing Area because of Remington Rand-Navy Contract

Crowds drawn to high school by civilian defense classes: Approximately 500 Wood Countians learning to be air wardens and auxiliary police

First day of salvage drive nets 20,000 pounds of scrap: Fifteen truck loads of materials donated by county residents yesterday; trucks will again tour Parkersburg, Vienna and south side precincts today

Sugar ration registration in Wood County April 28-29: First registration for trade dealers; civilians to be registered May 4-7

April 23: Victory Garden Council meets: Plans for local campaign formulated at meeting Tuesday

Urges newspapers to give people truth about war: Frank Hoy of Lewiston, Maine, says not to give people “Pollyanna talk of victories”

Offer pilots gov’t flight instruction: CAA inspector to be at local airport Friday; Waco “C” is repaired and returned

Graduate nurses needed for Red Cross class instruction: Course intended to prepare one person in every home for care of sick

April 24: Purchase of 23 new tires OK’d: Seventeen applicants receive certificates for purchase of retreads and recaps

Neely plans to pardon men so they can serve country: Governor plans release of youthful prisoners to take their places in armed forces

April 25: Comments on rationing in West Virginia: Some opposition to restricted gasoline sales in any but eastern sections of state

Severity of gas ration in doubt, Ickes’ comment: Prospects of another headache for motorists – price increase on gasoline. The prediction was that motorists would get only 2 1/2-5 gallons a week

April 28: Negroes will get training, defense work: U.S. Office of Education to aid in setting up course At West Virginia State


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