Groups tend graves for Memorial Day

Resolution of Appreciation

Headquarters Andrew Mather Post, GAR, Parkersburg, WV, May 30, ’89

The following action was this day taken relative to those who rendered aid for Memorial Day:

“Resolved, That the thanks of this Post are hereby extended to the Rev. Henry Rumer for his excellent sermon on Memorial Sunday; to all citizens who generously donated such a profusion of beautiful flowers wherewith to decorate the resting places of our removed comrades; to the ladies for arranging the baskets; to the Sentinel and State Journal for their many courtesies; to the owners of the Academy of Music for the use thereof; to Rev. Geo. E. Hite for his more than eloquent address; to C.A. Bukey, Esq., and his splendid choir of ladies and gentlemen for their exquisite music so beautifully and feelingly rendered and to the Sons of Veterans for their valuable assistance.

“When any of these friends shall go hence, may their graves be kept as green by loving hands and touching thoughts as will their memories be ever freshly preserved in our minds.”

Parkersburg Daily State Journal

May 31, 1889


Confederate veterans will duly observe Memorial Day and strew flowers on graves of departed heroes

Camp Jenkins Confederate Veterans Committee on flowers and decorations will meet at the office of Judge J.G. McClure where they will start on their mission of loving remembrance.

The ladies committee on flowers and decorations is composed of the following ladies: Mrs. Henry Amiss, chairman, Mrs. Bishop Peterkin, Mrs. I. H. Wright, Mrs. Frank Smith, Mrs. H.H. Pennybaker, Mrs. Dr. T.A. Harris, Mrs. W.R. Neal, Mrs. J.H. Spence, Mrs. R.H. Patterson, Mrs. Sally Van Winkle, Mrs. Marcellus Clark, Mrs. C.P. Moss, Mrs. R.B. Yowell, Mrs. Green Foley, Mrs. E.L. Nash, Mrs. David Btoughton (sic), Mrs. B.D. Spilman, Mrs. Capt. Devries, Miss Mollie Cook, Laura Cook, Miss Pink Smith, Miss L.K. Smith, Miss Bertie Shaw, Miss M.L. Murphy.

The following composed the gentlemen’s committee on flowers and decorations: Bishop Peterkin, W.F. Attkisson, I.H. Wright, Robt. Patterson, W.H. Mayberry, J.J. Ogdin, J.G. McCluer, W.C. Raleigh, H.H. Pennybacker, O.P. Ross, R.B. Yowell, C.C. Martin, Zane Neal, Wirt R. Neal, Green B. Foley, John Trainor.

The graves of the veterans at the following cemeteries will be decorated: Riverview, Odd Fellows, Holliday, Dils-Foley, Neals (upriver) and Tavenners.

Parkersburg Sentinel

May 30, 1891


Were those two soldiers’ lonely graves on old Fort Boreman decorated?

Parkersburg Daily State Journal

May 30, 1891


The following is a preface to one of the many writings of area local historian John A. House (18— 19–).

“Since a child, I have had a fancy for visiting the Silent Cities of the departed “where heaves the turf in many a multmouldering heap” and where from time to time, are gathered back to the bosom of Mother Earth, the tenantless forms who so recently abode a vigorous life.

“I know of no place more interesting to visit than a well kept, well shaded graveyard. The respect we owe our race, ourselves and our own dead, impels a reverential awe when we stand by the last resting place of the departed, possibly in the presence of those whose bodies have long ago crumbled into dust. The spirit of the place seems on us.

“Whenever I visit a neighborhood, if opportunity affords, I take a stroll in the cemetery.”

“‘Tis good to hold communion with the dead,

“To walk the lane where bending willows throw

“Gloom o’er the dark green earth, er’e day is fled,

“And Cast deep shadows on the tomb below.”

John House

March 7, 1905


Where they sleep

The Union graves in Wood County which were decorated by details from Andrew Mather Post No. 14 today, are found in the following grave yards. In all, one hundred forty-two graves of brave men who went to war for the Union were made fresh in memories with a bouquet of bright flowers dropped on the graves impressively and simply by old comrades.

On Odd Fellows cemetery are 10 Union graves; in Holliday’s, 26; In Cook’s, or Riverview, 15; in the old Catholic, 4; in the new Catholic, 11; in Dil’s, 6; in Tavenners, 2; in Hoyt’s, 4; in Kincheloe’s, 1; in Trace-wells, 2; in Cedar Grove, 6; in Mt. Pleasant, 4; in Wadesville, 5; in Mounts, 2; in Harper, 2; in Davis’, 1; in Red Hill 1; in Mt. Moriah, 1, and in Bethel, 1.

Parkersburg Daily State Journal

May 30, 1883


The Wood County Historical Society works to preserve yesterday for tomorrow. For more information, contact P.O. Box 565, Parkersburg, WV 26102