Give Mom a good book

Since it’s Mother’s Day, curl up on the sofa with a good book!

For Amish romance fans, several new books have come out this month. First is Serena B. Miller’s “Fearless Hope” about a widowed Amish woman and a young writer.

Hope is left to take care of her two young children, while pregnant with a third, completely on her own after her husband is killed by a bull. While her Amish church is giving her alms to live on, she doesn’t want to depend on them and starts advertising to do housecleaning. Logan Parker, a writer who was traveling through Holmes County and felt compelled to stop at a farmhouse for sale, hires Hope. He is trying to finish writing his latest book and finds the solitude of the farm to be what he needs.

While in town, he ends up coming up an antique shop and hearing the stories of the older people who stop by, and feels compelled to write a new book. He also finds himself drawn more and more to his housekeeper, and he tries to keep his distance as much as he can. A friendship begins to bloom, but would a romance ever be possible?

Both Hope and Logan are likable characters that the reader will want to see together despite being from different worlds. All of the characters in the book are well done and their stories immediately draw you in. And there is a twist at the end that will definitely surprise!

“Fearless Hope” is published by Howard Books. It is $14.99 and 369 pages long.


Charlotte Hubbard continues her “Seasons of the Heart” series with “Breath of Spring.”

Annie Mae is trying to rebuild her life and standing in the community after her father, the former bishop, decides to leave and start his own “community” and takes her younger siblings. Everyone was shocked by his behavior, but Annie is even more shocked when she finds out that her father has been living with a woman young enough to be his daughter – one who is abusing her siblings. She is determined to do what she can to protect them, no matter what the cost. And she soon learns just how high of a cost that might be when dealing with her angry father. Meanwhile, her neighbor, Adam, has been a loyal friend to her throughout her whole ordeal, but Annie cannot believe he would ever want to be more than a friend. When things get really rough, will he be at her side?

Annie and Adam’s stories are compelling and make a great read. It’s a light Amish read that will delight many readers.

“Breath of Spring” is published by Zebra. It is $6.99 and 352 pages long.


#1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander brings scandal to Victorian England in “The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride.”

Delilah, a widowed woman, thought she would have an “adventure” one exciting night in New York City. She never dreamed she’d see Samuel Russell again, until he shows up for her sister’s wedding. It turns out he’s a friend of the groom, and has come to not only be a part of the wedding, but on business as well. Though at first, the two pretend to not know each other, before too long they are thinking of having another “adventure” again. But is this one adventure that neither of them can walk away from?

There’s plenty of wit and chemistry on the pages of this story while Delilah and Samuel fight the inevitable. This is a great treat for Mom to enjoy!

“The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 372 pages long.


Sexy cowboys and single moms tangle in Melissa Cutler’s “How to Rope a Real Man.”

Jenna is attending her sister’s wedding holding a secret – she and her son are secretly planning on moving out of their small town soon and away from her past. She finds Matt, the handsome friend of the groom, attractive, but he hasn’t paid her much attention. Little does she know that Matt has sworn off single moms since his last two relationships failed. But Matt finds Jenna irresistible, and they end up starting a relationship at the wedding. But can there be a future for the two of them? When a secret about Jenna’s past comes to light and angers Matt, their relationship may end before it really begins.

Cutler is a master of writing the sexy outdoorsy man, and this book is no exception. Readers will love the chemistry burning off these pages.

“How to Rope a Real Man” is published by Kensington. It is $6.99 and 352 pages long.


A historical mystery and forbidden romance with a hint of magic is the subject of “The Sea House” by Elisabeth Gifford.

The story of a remote Scottish island and the legend of Selkies are told in 1860s and 1992. In 1860, a young vicar named Alexander comes to the island of Harris to research the people’s stories of Selkies, his family once claiming they were the descendants of the mythical seals who shed their skins to be human. There he meets and takes in a young woman named Moira, whose family suffered and died homeless after being evicted by the cruel Lord Marstone, who owns the island.

While Alexander is struggling to be a good minister and fighting an attraction to the lovely daughter of Marstone, Moira is falling in love with him and wishing revenge upon Marstone.

Meanwhile in 1992, Ruth and Michael buy Sea House, a dilapidated building on an island in the hopes of turning it into a lovely home. While attempting renovation, they find a baby skeleton buried under the floorboards of the house – a baby whose legs are fused together like a mermaid’s tail. Ruth, who has heard stories of Selkies from her mother, immediately wants to know why the baby was there and begins to look into the history of the island. What secrets will she uncover?

Told in alternating views of the present day and the 1860s, both sets of characters are intriguing and the story draws them together in deliberate pacing. It’s a good read for a spring afternoon.

“The Sea House” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $25.99 and is 303 pages long.


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