Colorful Easter finery marks Parkersburg celebrations

Easter Day: Perfect weather, with peace on Earth and good will toward men

Yesterday was Easter Day – a day celebrated by the whole civilized world. And it was the most perfect Easter Sunday within the memory of the oldest inhabitant (to use an entirely new and original expression). There wasn’t a cloud in the sky or a shiver in the gentle breeze that blew. The various churches in the city were thronged with worshippers, most of whom were trigged out in their new spring toggery. If the ladies’ creeds are as various as their bonnets one heaven will never suit their diversified tastes. There were to be seen yesterday hats little and hats big, hats low and hats high (especially in price) hats of this shape and that shape and of every conceivable color and combination under the sun. Any one who could stand in the rear of one of the large congregations yesterday and by looking over it tell what was what, what wasn’t what and why, would deserve a place on the Inter-State Commerce Committee. The new dresses were as startling as the hats and bonnets and the stunning combination of colors was in many cases overpowering, but the general word was, “Don’t the ladies look splendid in their new spring feathers?”

From The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

April 11, 1887


Easter seal sale starts: Crippled children to benefit from annual sale of penny stickers

The annual Easter seal sale of the Wood County branch of the West Virginia Society for Crippled Children opens today and will continue through the Easter season, according to an announcement by Stanley Vaughan, chairman.

The little penny stickers may be used to seal letters and packages and proceeds from their sale will be used in financing the rehabilitation work among handicapped children here.

Because the Crippled Children’s Society’s budget from the Community Chest has been reduced considerably, much of the society’s good work depends on the success of the seal sale, and officials are hoping for a generous public response.

The Rev. D.E. Kinsler is assisting Mr. Vaughan, as well as Mrs. M.V. Ridenour, in supervising the mailing and distribution of the seals.

From The Parkersburg News

March 29, 1942


Piety and joy will feature Easter here

Easter bells will ring out loud and clear over the populace of Parkersburg this morning, announcing in a joyful way the advent of another celebration of the resurrection of Christ who centuries ago gave his life to save man kind.

In many churches pageants will be given representing Easter centuries ago and sermons will also be delivered dealing with the spirit of the occasion.

While the sacred services compromise the paramount part of the day the occasion is also marked by a certain levity especially in the matter of clothes. With Lent over, those who have denied themselves the fashionable suits and dresses will again be able to step forth in their best.

From The Parkersburg News (in part)

April 20, 1924


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