Paranormal, sci-fi thrills in new books

New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden starts a new series, Phoenix Fire, with “Burn for Me.”

Eve is a reporter determined to break the story of what twisted experiments Genesis Group is doing to their paranormal “volunteers.” While society is still adjusting to the thought of paranormal beings in their midst, the head of Genesis Group, Dr. Richard Wyatt, seems to want to use their gifts for his own nepharious purposes. Going undercover, she is put into contact with Subject Thirteen, a brooding hunk who radiates fire and seemingly cannot be killed. Eve objects to their experimentation and soon becomes part of the experiment herself – ending when she and Subject Thirteen help the other paranormals escape, and Subject Thirteen, Cain, burns the facility to the ground. Eve is drawn to Cain, especially since she’s not exactly all human herself – and is immune to his fire. But between the two of them, they make their own heat. Can Cain be trusted? Can they take down the Genesis Group?

This is a wickedy sexy start to a new series that is full of brooding bad boys that will sizzle up pages!

“Burn for Me” is published by Brava, a division of Kensington Books. It is $14 and 337 pages long. Look for “Once Bitten, Twice Burned” and “PlayingWith Fire” later this year.


Two sisters and four others are spirited away from our world into another reality by mysterious strangers in “The Flight of the Silvers” by Daniel Price.

Hannah and Amanda and their parents were once saved from an explosion by three very odd strangers. Over the years they have forgotten about the incident, but one day the strangers show back up, snap an odd metal bracelet on each woman’s wrist and when our world ends – they find themselves in another reality – one where different colored money, different slang, and even flying restaurants and temporal shifting seems to be the norm. Joining Hannah and Amanda is a cartoonist, a teenage girl, an Australian and an ex-prodigy, none of whom know where they are and why they are in the new reality. In the new world, it seems they have new powers, and an odd group immediately swoops down to “help” them. Can they be trusted? Who were the alien-like creatures who saved them? Why were they chosen? What are the strings they spoke of? And are they meant to save this world?

This sci-fi thriller has plenty of action and suspense to keep you guessing and reading.

“The Flight of the Silvers” is published by Blue Rider Press. It is $27.95 and 594 pages long.


A taut survival story in space is told in “The Martian” by Andy Weir.

Astronaut Mark Watney is one of the few sent to Mars to explore, a botanist who isn’t the most important member of the crew. When a dust storm kicks up and he is nearly killed, the rest of the crew evacuates Mars, leaving him. Except Mark isn’t dead. Now completely alone on the planet with no way to signal Earth to let them know he’s still alive, Mark must find a way to survive with dwindling supplies, damaged equipment while completely and totally alone. Is there anyway for him to contact Earth? How long can he make it? And is anyone even out there looking for him?

Told through log entries, this is a claustrophobic thrill ride. Those who enjoyed the movies “Cast Away” or “Gravity” will enjoy this.

“The Martian” is published by Crown. It is $24 and 369 pages long.


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