Spelling bee held

Fort Frye Junior High School and Beverly-Center Elementary Schools both held their school-level spelling bees on Wednesday, January 15. Students from grades 1-8 participated at their grade level, with the top four winners in grades 5-9 advancing to the school wide spelling bee on February 12 at 7 p.m.

Eight grade winners were: first – Josh Zwick; second – Madison Duskey; and third – Hallie Brooker.

Seventh grade winners were: first – Alexandra Dixon; second – Anthony Rhodes; third – Sierra Layson; and alternate – Colby Sleek.

Pronouncer for the junior high bee was Terri Huck. Judges were Debbie Maze, Jean Bickford, Barbara Sleek, and Debbie Rowinski.

At Beverly-Center, ten students from each grade, determined by classroom spelling bees, participated in the grade-level Bees, with only the fifth and sixth grade spellers moving on to the district bee.

Sixth grade winners were: first – Maddie Webb; second – Lindsay Heiss; third – Chazmin Powell; alternate – Cassidy Courtney. Also participating were Cynthia Crim, Amanda Cooper, Mattie Newsome, Mahela Mankins, Ethan Ross, and Ian Valentine.

After 25 rounds of spelling, the fifth grade winners were: first – Sophia Curry; second – Lydia Klinger; third – Lexie Huck; alternate – Reese Quimby. Also participating were Caeley Mincks, Justin Carpenter, Devon Brooker, Riley Snider-Miller, and Brayden Antill.

Grade four winners were: first – Catie Sleek; second – Casey Brooker, third – Katie Muir. Additional spellers were McShayne Riley, Cameron Tennant, Maeson Long, Ethyn Zimmer, Jacob Lang, Megan Bohl, and Brayden Wright.

Third grade spelling winners, after 20 rounds of spelling, were: first – Stone Dixon; second – Cassidy Starkey; and third – Nava McKown. Also spelling were Sydnee Duskey, Nadia Jones, Brenden Kiggins, Logan Kindler, Nate Silvus, Kara Shaffer, Katie Schaad, and Ryan Duskey.

Spelling winners in second grade were: first – Brandon Dye; second – Emmitt Duskey; third – Konnor Bell. Rounding out the second grade spellers were Faith Slaughter, Zoe McKown, Wyatt Shuster, Sawyer Curry, Tavin Brooks, Adam Cooper, and Alyssa Duskey.

In first grade, winners were: first – Laine Spindler; second – Jordan Lee, and third Julia Silvus. Also spelling were Ivy Campbell, Owen Wagner, Gianna Kasun, Janessa Ross, and Cadence Waller.

Organizer for the elementary bee was Lenora Lockhart.

Judges for the first – third bee were Mike Fronko and Brenda Pierce. Fourth through sixth grade judges were Diane Elliott, Delores Kelby, and Theresa Wallace. Record and round keepers for both bees were Chastity Hayes, Elizabeth Curry, and Lenora Lockhart. Pronouncer for both bees was Sue Sampson.

First through third grade winners received medallions, while fourth through sixth grade winners received bobblehead bee trophies.

Both trophies and medallions were purchased by the Beverly-Center P.T.O. and provided by B.A.K. Trophies and More. All spellers received certificates of participation. Other staff members and students providing assistance for bee preparation were principal Megan Miller, Theresa Warren, Mike Garvin, Marsha Quimby, Christine Holliday, Jennifer Young, Beth Hanes, Jonathon Garvin, Jayden Greenleaf, and Denise Young.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.