Golden chills with winter storm horror

Christopher Golden will chill readers bones with “Snowblind.”

The small town of Coventry is preparing for a big snowstorm headed their way. Ella is closing her restaurant early and T.J., the man that likes to play music there, seems content to chat her up instead of heading home to his elderly mother. Allie and her boyfriend, Niko, are settling down to watch movies for the first time with her sons, Jake and Isaac, and his daughter, Miri. Joe Keenan, a cop, is patrolling the streets.

And Doug Manning is being forced to attend a game night with the guys at work when he’d rather be home with his wife, Cheri. And Cheri is talking on the phone to her best friend, Angela, wishing Doug were home. When the storm hits, it is deadly in more ways than one.

A child claims to have seen monsters in the snow and many people are dead and even more people are traumatized by the events that unfold.

Twelve years later, the cast of charcters is either dead or mourning their dead of that night. Jumpy at every storm, they find themselves bracing for another winter storm like the one before. And just like in the past, something otherworldy is in the snow. When several townspeople start acting oddly, everyone is forced to confront what happened 12 years ago – before it happens again.

This story will chill you to the core, especially if you read it during a snowstorm! The cast of characters is well thought out, and readers will be guessing until the very last page!

“Snowblind” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $12.99 and 320 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy starts a new series with “Born in Blood.”

Callie is a member of Vallhalla, people born with otherworldly powers who are hated and feared by the “normal” people and forced to seek sanctuary with their own kind. She is called to a murder scene that seems to have been committed by a ‘freak’ as the body is missing its heart. There she runs into the handsom Duncan, a police officer who seems to delight in making the moves on her, no matter if there’s a dead body nearby. When Callie is attacked mentally by the killer, she is forced to bring Duncan into her world – and closer to her. The two must team up to uncover an ancient and deadly killer – and just may uncover a secret about Duncan as well…

Callie is a great heroine and there are several interesting secondary characters surrounding her. And the villain is coolly chilling…

“Born in Blood” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and is 393 pages long.


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