Amish, historical romances for January

Jennifer Beckstrand debuts a new Amish romance series with “Huckleberry Hill.”

An older Amish couple has decided their grandson, Moses, needs to get married.

And they’ve met the perfect woman for him, Lia Shetler, a tall beauty who has constantly been overlooked by her parents for her younger, spoiled sister, Rachel.

They arrange for Lia to come work for them and for Moses to stop by. Moses learns of the plan and is reluctant at first, but the longer he is around Lia, the more he likes her. Lia can’t believe anyone would ever be interested in her, but enjoys Moses’ friendship.

When her family decides Moses would be the perfect husband for Rachel, Lia finds herself forced to play matchmaker.

Will Rachel stand in the way of a possible romance between the two?

This is a warm romance with two likable main character, a spoiled sister that will drive readers crazy, and ultimately a great ending for all!

“Huckleberry Hill” is published by Zebra Books. It is $7.99.

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New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston returns to her mail order bride series with “Montana Bride.”

Hetty Wentworth (whom we last saw shot with an arrow and potentially dying) was found by a group of travelers, two young kids and a mail order bride, traveling to meet the groom.

The mail order bride ends up attacking Hetty and falling to her death in the process.

It is only then that Hetty learns the two children were not hers, they had hired that woman to act as their mother to get out of their town and tawdry life in a saloon. Hetty agrees to act as their mother and the replacement mail order bride to Karl Norwood.

Karl finds his mail order bride to be lovelier than he expected, but she looks younger than the 27 she claimed to be in the letters, and the kids look nothing like her. Even though he distrusts her initially, he goes through with the marriage.

He finds trouble being the new stepfather to two unruly children, and his beautiful new wife has attracted plenty of attention on her own.

Will Karl and Hetty come together or is their marriage doomed?

This is a great series that I’ve enjoyed, and this book continues to entertain as we learn the fate of each Wentworth sister.

“Montana Bride” is published by Bantam Dell. It is $7.99 and 406 pages long. Look for “Texas Bride” and “Wyoming Bride” already out in stores.


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