Teen books for all to enjoy

It’s time for some captivating young adult books!

A young teen who grew up in a cult begins to question everything she’s known in “Gated” by Amy Christine Parker.

Lyla’s world was forever changed during 9/11. Her sister was kidnapped a few days before, and living in New York City, she and her parents witnessed the devastation firsthand. When a captivating stranger promising a better world and a new life came along, Lyla’s parents went with him, and Lyla found herself living in the Community lead by Pioneer. But the more Pioneer talks of the coming end of times, the more Lyla begins to question. Why must they shoot any Outsiders who come for help? What about the charming boy Outsider who came to see the Community along with his sheriff father? He doesn’t seem so bad. Is she really to marry Will? When her dealings with the Outsiders cause her to learn more about Pioneer and question everything, will Lyla become one of the Outsiders?

This is a tense thriller that will suck the reader in immediately with a great heroine.

“Gated” is published by Random House. It is $17.99.

New York Times bestselling author James Dashner starts a new series in “The Eye of Minds.”

Michael is a gamer in a world of virtual reality. People lay in “Coffins” to feel more of what is going on in-game. He and his friends are brilliant hackers, finding ways to break down code to their advantage in the virtual world. When Michael is approached by authorities, he is told that if he helps them take down another gamer named Kaine, who is holding players hostage and killing them – in-game which then becomes a real brain dead death – even the lure of virtual wealth isn’t enough to bring in Michael, especially after Kaine threatens him and his friends. But with the authorities threatening to cut off his virtual world, he finally gives in and finds himself in the darkest places the virtual world has, all to track down a madman. And what he soon uncovers causes Michael to challenge everything he’s ever known. This gritty science-fiction story has plenty of twists that will keep readers guessing.

“The Eye of Minds” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $18.99.

A teen must discover if she has been given a gift or a cure in “Indigo” by Gina Linko.

Corrine seems to be able to read people’s physio-energy, something that could be helpful and maybe even heal people. But when her sister Sophie falls and Corrine goes to help, a bright light crashes and Sophie is dead. Corrine has been in a self-imposed no-touching/no-talking exile since, afraid to get close to anyone. But when her parents move her to New Orleans, she encounters a boy Rennick, who seems to understand her powers and thinks that it may be able to help people. She is soon drawn into a new world and even new thoughts – can it be she possesses a gift instead of a curse?

This is a thoughtful paranormal book with a lovely setting of New Orleans filled with great characters.

“Indigo” is published by Random House. It is $17.99.

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