Romance books are a treat at holidays

Get some romance this holiday season!

New York Times bestselling author Emily March returns to Eternity Springs with “Miracle Road.”

Lucca is arriving to town spiritually wounded after an accident claimed the lives of several of his basketball students. His neighbor, school teacher Hope, has been dealing with her daughter’s disappearance. The pair’s mutual pain seems to draw them closer, and Hope seems to be drawing Lucca out of his self-imposed walls, but when a life-changing surprise happens, will they both be able to deal with it or will it break them apart?

This is a warm story of miracles and life-changing events as two wounded people come together.

“Miracle Road” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $7.99 and 329 pages long.


A Christmas romance draws two seemingly opposites together in “You Give Good Love” by J.J. Murray.

Hope doesn’t exactly live up to her name – she’s the opposite of an optimist after a failed relationship and no luck with her degree-related career, and a dream home that seems beyond her reach. When she meets Dylan, he’s working on not one, but two jobs – an online greeting card company and an artistic daycare center.

What starts as unexpected flirting soon turns to much more for the both of them. Can their hopes and dreams come together?

A sweet story that is perfect for the Christmas season, this is a warm romance for readers!

“You Give Good Love” is published by Kensington. It is $15 and 432 pages long.


Paris is the backdrop to this romance between two strong personalities in “The Chocolate Heart” by Laura Florand.

Summer and Luc get off to a bad start right away. He is angry that she mistakes him for a bellhop instead of the head pastry chef who makes all sorts of delicious creations, and she’s mad that she threw herself at him and he turned her down.

Forced to manage the hotel by her parents when she’d rather be teaching underprivileged children living on a small island, a luxurious hotel is the last place Summer wants to be. While Luc still keeps getting under her skin, especially by sending her desserts she won’t eat, she’s also still getting under his. Will the two give into each other or will they resist temptation?

This sweet treat will prove to be irresistible to readers!

“The Chocolate Heart” is published by Kensington. It is $14 and 352 pages long.


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