Nothing funny about Hitler

No matter how much of a best seller a German satirical novel may be about Adolph Hitler re-emerging 66 years after the end of World War II, there is nothing funny or even slightly humorous about the mass murderer.

And now as unbelievable as it might seem, the book is being made into a movie … in Germany of all places.

“Er ist Wieder Da,” as reported by the Associated Press, is a surprise success after being published last year, selling more than 1.3 million printed and electronic copies, which in itself is surprising due to German anti-Nazi laws and the obvious touchy subject of Hitler and his leading Germany to near destruction.

In the satire, Hitler awakens in modern Berlin and becomes the star of a TV comedy, as if anything Hitler ever did was even slightly comical as he ordered the execution of millions of Jews and other people he found undesirable as Germans.

Sadly, an English-language version of author Timur Vermes’ book will be released in April with the title “Look Who’s Back,” as if anyone should care in the slightest. And, Constantin Film in Munich is planning on making a movie of the book to be released in 2015 and written by Vermes.

Hitler’s life and murder of millions does not warrant any even satirical return to general acceptance by anyone, let alone the German people he led to near extinction and decades of devastation and rebuilding.

Bluntly put, there are some topics, such as Hitler returning as a comedian, that simply need to be left alone.

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Ah, old memories at The Ohio State University came flooding back when an AP story hit my computer last week.

OSU has drained Mirror Lake in the small valley below what used to be the university president’s home in an effort to determine how to lessen the million-gallon lake’s economic and environmental impact.

It reportedly costs the university $40,000 a year to keep Mirror Lake filled.

While no one in their right mind would have jumped into the 2.5-to-8-foot-deep lake in my day in the late 1960s for fear of being permanently infected from all the pollution, slime and stench, it’s now the site of an annual plunge that draws thousands during the week leading to the Ohio-Michigan intense rivalry game.

The lake will be dry for several months while the study is ongoing.

I have to admit, I wonder what was found in the lake bed when it was drained … or maybe I really don’t want to know what caused its less-than-desirable appearance and odor during my days on campus.

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Being a longtime Ford Mustang fan, the announcement the Pony car was going to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a redesign thrilled me!

Right now I’m driving my third Mustang, which is a treat except in ice and snow when the rear-wheel drive GT muscle car isn’t the best way to get around.

I was in high school when the first Mustang hit the street and would have given nearly anything to buy one, but it was way out of my financial ability. I bought my first one in 1973,

When I traded in the 1973 I had to get family cars for several years, which came to an end in 2000 when I bought another Mustang, followed by the 2010 GT I’m now driving.

Mustangs may not be the most practical car, especially since my wife refuses to drive it, but they sure are fun and I can’t wait to see the redesigned 2015 up close and personal.

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