G.O.O.D. students recognized

The Beverly Lions Club is sponsoring the “G.O.O.D.” program at Beverly-Center Elementary School this year. This program recognizes two students at each grade level each grading period that have shown ‘Good Attendance, Good Listening Skills, Good Work Habits, and Good Citizenship”. The selected students were recognized at school and received a G.O.O.D. T-shirt and certificate provided by the Lion’s Club. Congratulations to the winners for the first nine weeks grading period: Kindergarten – Julia Harper and Jackson McCurdy; First Grade – Emmie Duskey and Cadence Waller; Second grade – Adam Cooper and Wyatt Shuster; Third Grade – Nava McKown and Nate Silvus; Fourth Grade – Casey Brooker and Khloe Roe; Fifth Grade – Jonathon Garvin and Bryce Schilling; Sixth Grade – CJ Crim and Brady Schilling.


These Beverly-Center Elementary students were chosen “Student of the Month” for November: Kindergarten – Cain Campbell and Macy Moore; First Grade – Camryn Huck and Laine Spindler; Second Grade – Sawyer Curry and Teya Regalyi; Third Grade – Katie Schaad; Fourth Grade – Alayna Kern and McShayne Riley; Fifth Grade – Maria Fisher and Cassie Heiss; Sixth Grade – Caden Fryman.

These students were chosen for showing their “Cadet Pride” – character, attitude, determination, effort, team work, pride, respect, integrity, dependability, and encouraging attitude. Thank you to B & W Pharmacy for providing the pictures for the “Student of the Month” display in the school’s foyer and Domino’s Pizza for providing pizza for the group party.


Kerry Blair, also known as “Kerry Kazaam the Safety Man”, recently brought his safety message to students at Beverly-Center Elementary School. “Kazaam” mixes his message with assorted magic tricks to keep students interested in the importance of his safety message. He began by reminding student to always have a ‘safety friend’ – an adult they can trust to provide help when it’s needed to be sure they grow up to be ‘smart, strong, and safe’.

Kazaam reminded students how to correctly call 911 – and to only use 911 for emergencies – when someone’s life is in danger or when there is trouble. Students were told how to respond to the questions the 911 operator will ask and encouraged to be honest if they can’t answer a question the operator might ask. Students were told to help as much as they can and to stay on the phone until the operator tells them it’s okay to hang up. Internet dangers were also addressed. Kazaam warned the students of the dangers of posting their pictures online as it makes them so easy to find. He gave the students an example of a teacher from Tennessee posting a picture on Facebook that asked people who saw it to “Like” it. In less than a week, she had over 300,000 likes from around the world! Everyone was encouraged to be careful of any information they share.

Finally, Kazaam spoke about bullies. Students were told this about a bully: “The things they say and do make you feel bad about who you are so they can feel good about who they are.” Bullies come in all different shapes and sizes, and walking away from the bully takes away all of the bully’s power. Students were told to remember the colors of the American flag to help them remember how to stay safe from bullies: red for courage – the courage to walk away; white for keeping ‘clean’ and avoiding aiding a bully; and blue for pride – being proud of who they are and being respectful of others.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.