Christmas Sad

Christmas Sad

“Be gone old bum”, I heard them say

“Such a disgrace on Christmas Day

A pitiful sight for our children to view

Why must we live with the likes of you”?

I heard their screams to leave him be

Then I heard their screams at me

Yet I knelt down close by his side

This ol’ gray gent, stripped of his pride.

“You’re drunk old man,” I said

Then placed my coat beneath his head

I brushed the snow from weathered skin

Whispered soft, “You have a friend”.

Wrinkled hands around my wrist

A sunshine smile I could not resist

“Come closer son,” he begged of me

“I have a secret to share with thee”.

“I am not drunk, nor down and out, I only come to see

If one was left to care enough, to give their love to me

So long as one, then there is hope – a hope I see in you

Now journey on, spread my world, and make the number two”.

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In Search

of a Manger

On a mission from heaven

An angel was sent

To search out and find

Where all the manger scenes went

A cold blustery night

In a mall parking lot

He kindly inquired

Of mother and tot

“For an old timey Christmas

A manger is fine

But that’s not really

A sign of our time

The tiny tot questioned

In front of the stranger

“Mommy, Mommy,

What in the world is a manger?”

Dejected and hurt

By the callous reply

He walked away softly

With a tear in his eye

Across town he went

To an old high school

A manger and tree

Was always their rule

So when he arrived

A surprise lay in store

The law won’t allow

Those scenes anymore

Where once was a tear

Glowed a spark of fire

Angels are sweet

Lest you stir up their ire

“Do you mean to tell me?”

He shouled aloud

As he got the attention

Of the Christmas shopping crowd

“Is there no politician

With some fire in his blood

To fight city hall

For something that is good?”

“Get me some lumber”

With an authoritative shout

“I’ll show you all

What Christmas is about.”

The crowd all pitched in

As he led the way

Hammers were sounding

On into the day

There arose from the ground

With stable and manger

For all to see

“My mission is complete,”

He said to the cheers

The manger is ours

For all the years.”

“Angels are nice”

But I can get mean

If anyone bothers

This manger scene.”

“Forever and ever”

He said with a shout

“Let’s not forget

What this season’s about!”

Back up in heaven

As he gazed down

A manger and tree

Enjoyed by the town

A pat on the shoulder

From out of a cloud

The voice of the Master saying

“You should be proud!”