Get spooky thrills with reading

It’s October, so that means time for great new horror and paranormal books to fit the mood of the season!

For zombie fans comes award-winning author Joe McKinney’s new zombie tale, “The Savage Dead.”

A dangerous leader of a Mexican cartel wants to show the United States his power, and his method is to sabotage a cruise ship with a deadly virus that turns people into zombies. His most dangerous assassin, Pilar, is going along to make sure everything goes according to plan. Not only is she aboard the ship, but so too is a U.S. senator Rachel Sutton and her husband, her assistant, Paul Godwin, and her protective agent, Tess Compton. As Rachel, Tess and Paul attempt to survive on a ship filled with the undead, they still have Pilar to contend with who wants to make sure no one gets out alive. And then Tess’ boss, Juan Perez and his team of SEALs must try to stop the ship from making it to land and starting the apocalypse…

Zombies on a cruise ship is a great plot for a Halloween read. My only complaint was I wanted zombies NOW and the real action doesn’t start until about halfway through the book. Still, if you want “Walking Dead” meets “Poisdon Adventure” check this one out!

“The Savage Dead” is published by Pinnacle. It is $6.99 and 359 pages long.


For more literary horror, check out “The Small Hand and Dolly,” two collected novellas in one by Susan Hill.

In “The Small Hand” a book collector, Adam Snow, takes a wrong turn and ends up at a ruined house and garden. It has an oddly familiar quality, but what really chills is the small hand that comes from nowhere and slips into Adam’s hand. He tries to shake off the sensation, but feels haunted by it. And the small hand seems to keep happening, and trying to pull him into danger! As he tries to investigate the property and the house, he uncovers a chilling family secret…

In “Dolly,” an orphaned boy named Edward Cayley goes to live for the summer with his Aunt Kestrel, along with his spoiled cousin Leonora. Leonora is more than a bit of a brat, and this especially comes out over her tantrum over a special doll. She ruins the doll she is given, and Edward could swear he hears the doll crying… so he decides to give her a proper burial. But all things won’t stay buried, and many years later, the Doll is still crying, and is still affecting the now grown children!

These creepy but stylish stories offer the perfect kind of ghost story – psychological, atmospheric and addictive!

“The Small Hand and Dolly” is pulished by Vintage. It is $14 and 288 pages long.


There’s a bit of humor mixed into the creepy in New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green’s new Ghost Finders novel, “Spirits From Beyond.”

J.C. Chance, Melody Chambers and Happy Jack Palmer are a team working for the Carnacki Institute determined to Do Something About Ghosts. Their cases have taken them to a subway car headed for an awful parallel dimension, an office building with experiments gone wrong and a haunted theater. Now, because of their last escapade, they are given the relatively “easy” case – travel to a small tavern/inn and see if there’s anything concrete about all the stories of ghosts in the place. J.C. is thrilled to be reconnected with his ghost girlfriend Kim, and Melody and Jack are having a bit of problems in their relationship so this quiet case is the perfect time to do some relationship maintenance.

Until the quiet case turns out to be not so quiet. There is something going on at the hotel, but it’s not exactly ghosts. Or at least, not all ghosts. Can J.C. and his team put their skills to work to put a stop to the evil lurking?

There is plenty of dry wit and humor in the interactions of the characters in the series, and plenty of goosebump thrills as well!

“Spirits From Beyond” is published by Ace. It is $7.99 and 296 pages long.


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