A needless trip to the cliff’s edge

To use an over-used phrase, did Congress do little more Wednesday night than “kick the can down the road” to repeat its same foolishness in January and February next year?

Yes, the Republican obstructionists, i.e. tea party congressmen from reportedly “safe” districts, continued their objections to the Affordable Care Act, the federal budget and raising of the U.S. debt ceiling, but did allow a vote on a compromise in the Senate and the House that saw the ceiling raised until in February and a temporary budget adopted through Jan. 15.

But the question is will all this nonsense begin again with the obstructionists again trying to fight a law that was passed years ago and declared constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court? Will the tea party obstructionists again begin their attack on entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.?

Or have the tea party members finally figured out they do not represent the majority of the people in the United States, just as ultra left wing liberals don’t either.

The bulk of Americans want to see the federal government reduce its spending and live within a budget, but they are centralists on the political scale, not favoring the ultra right wing or tea party, which has been tied to the wealthy and large corporations more interested in maintaining their tax credits than what is right and good for the American people and America in general.

The House of Representatives was held hostage by the minority of its members who are tea party supporters or outright members. And, the Speaker of the House did not have the courage to challenge those tea party obstructionists, allowing the people’s government to shut down and to come too near an economic cliff.

Speaking of economics, Wall Street has estimated the government shutdown cost the American people $24 billion … that’s BILLION dollars. So how did the tea party help the nation? How did the government shutdown help the nation? How did the threat of allowing financial default help the nation? How did the tea party make any sensible point?

Hopefully the tea party and its followers learned from their bottoming poll numbers that their actions brought nothing but hatred and discord toward them by the majority of Americans who just want government to do its job and leave them alone.

Hopefully the tea party and its minions have learned not to try to take the government hostage just to accomplish their goal of defunding the Affording Care Act and embarrass the President of the United States.

Hopefully the tea party and its Republican followers will accept their defeat and begin working with Democrats and the president to create a workable budget and reduce government spending so the debt ceiling does not continually have to be raised.

And, finally, hopefully the American people will vote some of the tea party hardliners and their minions out of Congress so government again can serve the majority of Americans.

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