Mystery, romance set at a ranch, Paris

Mystery and hot guys heat up in Elise Sax’s “Matchpoint.”

Gladie is still working for her Grandma’s family matchmaking business and trying to find romance for both herself and her clients. One of her clients leads her to the local dentist’s office, but a toothache keeps her there. Coming out of the anesthesia, she finds her dentist is dead! The police suspect Gladie’s client, office receptionist Belinda, but Gladie isn’t so sure. Now she’s trying to prove her client is innocent – while still trying to find her a love connection. And meanwhile, there’s some really weird people in the town that Gladie has happened across that appear cult-like and might be linked to the murder. Has Gladie put herself in even more danger? Lucky for her she has hot police chief Spencer on her side and even hotter neighbor Holden ready to help out. Can Gladie find both love and a killer? This is a cheeky series that has plenty of romantic complications, danger and humor to keep pages going!

“Matchpoint” is published by Ballantine. It is $7.99 and 261 pages long.


Susan Fox brings love to a ranch in “Home on the Range.”

A decade ago, Evan Kincaid ruined his relationship with his best friend by having a one-night stand and leaving immediately after. He never looked back, but regretted his treatment of his best friend. Now he finds he must leave New York City and return to his small town on request from a wealthy client to investigate a ranch he is thinking of investing in. Evan has no plans on looking for Jessica, but he finds her anyway – as the owner of the ranch. Jessica herself has plenty of regrets about that night and a secret she’s been hiding all the time. She got pregnant and has been raising Evan’s daughter. As far as anyone knows, her daughter’s father is the man Jessica married and divorced. But with Evan right under her nose, Jessica fears her secret may come out. And with feelings they both had resurfacing, everything becomes more complicated. Will the truth come out? This romance is a perfect way to spend a summer night as the two characters reconnect and find each other again.

“Home on the Range” is published by Zebra. It is $6.99 and 333 pages long.


The romantic city of Paris and the decadence of chocolate comes to the pages of Laura Florand’s “The Chocolate Touch.”

Jaime Corey, an heir to an American chocolate company, has rebelled against the family business by trying to set up fair trade programs in foreign countries. Her business became dangerous when she was kidnapped and hurt. Now convalescing in Paris, she has crossed paths with the gorgeous bad boy of chocolate, Dominique Richards. Dom is taken with the quiet but enchanting woman who seems to savor every bite of his chocolate and comes in daily to do so. He finds himself drawn to her and wants to learn more about her, but she is very secretive. While his staff kids him about his “crush,” Dom can’t help but crave Jaime. Can his hidden sweetness charm her? This sweet treat will leave readers hungry for more as the romance between Jaime and Dominque spices up and practically melts pages. This is definitely a story to savor!

“The Chocolate Touch” is published by Kensington. It is $14 and 283 pages long.

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