Food giveaway slated

Food give away will be held from 9:30-11 a.m., Monday, Aug. 12, at the Church of Christ.

Taxable items will be given to those in need at 9:30-10:30 a.m. Monday at the Pennsville United Methodist Church.

Pennsville Volunteer Fire Department will meet at the Foodstand at 8 p.m. Monday. Come early if you can.

Pennsville United Methodist Women will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the church. Nicole Dunn will present the program. Rita Martin presented the Response Moment.

Pennsville and Westland communities extends sympathy to the Katherine (Dolly Krainak family.

Annual Embree Picnic was held Aug. 3 at the Embree Park. The 2013 races and games results are as follows:

* 5 and under, girls, first, Lyria Ledford; second, Emma Marshall; third, Claudia Blackburn,

* Boys, 5 and under, first, Xavier McGrew; second, Ronnie Smith; third, William Shriver;

* Girls 6 and 7 races, first, Xerha Cain; second, Abby Shriver;

* Boys 6 and 7, first, Craig Gorrell; second, Issac Love; third, Carson Love;

* Girls races, 9, 10, 11, 12, first, Paige Gorrell; second, Taylor Gorrell; third, Samantha Embree;

* Boys 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, first, Dylan Abel; second, R.J. Hall; third, Haydon Demster;

* Girls races 15 and over, first, Michelle Goldberg; second, Markie Demeter; third, Amy Hickerson;

* Boys 13 and over, first, KyDunn / Justin Brooks; second, Lee Dunn; third, David Abel II;

* 3-legged race, 7 and under and first, Ronald Smith III / Xarier McGrew; second, Xerha Cain / Abby Shriver; third, William Shriver / Lvvia Ledford;

* 3 legged race girls and boys 8-13, first, Paige and Craig Gorrell; second, Taylor Gorrell and Samantha Embree; third, Dylan and Darrin Abel;

* Girls and boys 14 and over first, Kyle Dunn/Learne; second, Xavior McGrew; third, Abby Shriver;

* Girls and boys 8-13, first, Paige Gorrell; second, Darrin Abel; third, Taylor Gorrell;

* Softball throw, women 18-40, first, Michelle Goldberg; second, Allie Embree; third, Lee Ann Dosch;

* Women 41-60, first, Patty Backburn; second, Vicki Hickerson; third, Mary Cain;

* Women 61 and over, first, Vera Strhl; second, Jenny Ritchey; third, Penny Barker;

* Bean carry 18 and over, first, Martha Pickennaugh, 54; second, Mary Alice Cann / Sheila McGrew, 49; third, Jenny Ritchey, 44;

* Bale toss men of all ages, first, Kyle Dunn; second, Rusty Hall; third, Craig Davis;

* Egg toss, all ages, first, Dan and Lee Sunn; second, Amanda Xanie McGrew; third, Jerry Scott, Allie Embree, Viski and Amy Hickerson.

Beverly Sealock is a longtime columnist for ?The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.