Students receive awards

These first-grade students at Beverly-Center Elementary School were honored at the school’s end of the year awards assembly:

In Miss Chevalier’s class: Excellence in Math Facts – Alyssa Duskey, Brandon Dye, Bryson Ruble, Cara Smith, Collyn Zimmer, Connor Campbell, Emmory Webb, Nate Baumgartner, Ross Schultheis, Tavin Brooks, and Tyler Mitchell; Outstanding Performance in Math Facts – Emmitt Duskey, Elijah Slaughter, Matthew Tullius, and Teya Ragalyi.

Academic Achievement in Reading – Alyssa Duskey, Brandon Dye, Collyn Zimmer, Connor Campbell, Emmitt Duskey, Keegan Strode, and Teya Ragalyi; Outstanding Performance in Spelling – Alyssa Duskey, Brandon Dye, Collyn Zimmer, Connor Campbell, Emmory Webb, Faith Slaughter, Keegan Strode, Ross Schultheis, Teya Ragalyi, Tyler Mitchell, and Wyatt Fulton.

Excellence in Effort – Bonnie Price; Outstanding Performance in Behavior – Alyssa Duskey, Cara Smith, David Johnson, Matthew Tullius, Ross Schultheis, and Teya Ragalyi.

In Mrs. Pierce’s class: Certificate of Achievement – Tavis Cline, Nathan Powell, Grace Slaughter, Noah Slaughter, and Jeremy Tulius

Math Facts – All E’s on Fact Tests – Corey Adams, Graham Baker, Adam Cooper, Sawyer Curry, Maddy Franks, Tyson Longfellow, Wyatt Shuster, Phinn Spindler, and Madison Wright

Reading Achievement – All E’s on quizzes – Corey Adams and Madison Wright; Reading High Frequency Words – Corey Adams, Sawyer Curry, Joel Duskey, Alden Laipplly, MaKenna Long, Ava McKown, Hope Slaughter, Alaina Snodgrass; Phinn Spindker, and Madison Wright.

Top Spellers – Missing 5 or less all year – Corey Adams, Graham Baker, Alaina Snodgrass, Phinn Spindler, and Madison Wright; Most Challenge Words – Corey Adams, Tyson Longfellow, Ava McKown, Phinn Spindler, and Madison Wright.

Social Studies Award for highest averages – Corey Adams, Graham Baker, Wyatt Shuster, and Alaina Snodgrass.

Science Awards for highest averages – Corey Adams, Graham Baker, and Joel Duskey.

Citizenship Awards – Adam Cooper, Wyatt Shuster, Alaina Snodgrass, and Madison Wright.

Book-It Awards for completing all 6 months of the Book-It program – Corey Adams and Ava McKown.

* * *

Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.