Paranormal gets twist

A medieval horror thriller comes to paperback in Douglas Nicholas’ “Something Red.”

Hob is a young boy working for the mysterious Maeve, her lover, Jack, and her granddaughter Nemain.

The group is traveling to a monastery, to an inn and then to the local castle. Along the way, horrible stories of murders by some sort of animal or monster are discovered, putting fear in both the people they encounter and in Hob himself.

For he is beginning to realize the people he has been living with all this time are not exactly normal.

Are they killing people? And what, exactly, are they? And if they aren’t the danger, what is?

For those who like medieval fantasy, this is a great murder mystery with a supernatural twist. Nicholas is a poet, so the language has a lyrical flow to it which adds to the other-worldliness of the story.

“Something Red” is published by Atria. It is $16 and 315 pages long.

* * *

A crime thriller gets a paranormal twist in “Reviver” by Seth Patrick.

In a world where forensic science has been forever changed due to the “revivers” – people who can speak with the dead – murder trials have been completely changed. Now the dead’s testimony on who killed them is used regularly and something that may have once been fearful is now commonplace. But when Daniel Harker, the journalist who first discovered revivers is murdered, something sinister may be coming into play.

Jonah Miller is a talented reviver, although suffering burnout once already and may be heading there again. On a case, he believes “something else” talked to him through the body of a woman, and in another case, he attacks the killer of a little girl and believes the victim’s mind was inhabiting him for a moment. His supervisors and friends all believe it is stress-related but he isn’t sure, especially since he feels like something is watching him.

When he gets dragged into the Harker case and begins working with Harker’s lovely daughter, Annabel, he begins to question not only everyone around him, but everything he’s believed so far. Is something far more sinister going on that just murder?

This is a twisty kind of thriller, with a fun supernatural edge that will keep you reading late into the night and too scared to turn off the lights.

“Reviver” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $25.99 and 407 pages long.

* * *

Peter Clines continues his series about superheroes and super soldiers facing the zombie apocalypse in “Ex Communication.”

St. George and his fellow super-powered friends, Stealth and Zzzap, have faced off the zombie hoardes, rival gangs, their fallen comrades turned zombies and even super soldiers. Now they are facing possible madness, a new enemy named Legion who can control the zombies and one of their own possibly back – and not in a welcome way. And they must face their own all-too human weaknesses – before its too late.

For anyone who has ever wanted to see superheroes battle zombies, this is a great series.

The all-too-human-despite-their-powers superheroes are relatable and likable, even when they screw up. And like any good zombie story, the zombies aren’t the main threat the characters face, but man’s inhumanity to man.

“Ex Communication” is published by Broadway. It is $14 and 343 pages long.