The Devil and the Farmer

On a hot July night

The devil flew in

Caught him a ride

On a hot summer wind

With an evil twinkle

In his heady red eyes

He was ready to deal

With a sack full of lies

Now ol’ farmer Frank was down on his luck

His mule pulled up lame and the bank took his truck

The crops were all burned from a month without rain

And the tired Christian farmer was feeling the strain.

He appeared on the porch where Frank sat alone

Reached out his hand and gave him a stone

“Rub on it gently – any wish will come true,

My only request is a small payment from you”.

“It’s a hell of a deal,” the devil said

“I just want your soul – but not ’til you’re dead”

Frank scratched his head like it was hard to refuse,

And in a moment of weakness not a whole lot to lose.

With his calloused old hands he rubbed on the stone

In a great puff of smoke the devil was gone

His laughter was heard over the crops of the field

‘Cause old Mr. Satan knew he’d just closed a deal.

With a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye

Frank looked up to heaven and winked at the sky

“Yea, I dealt with the devil, but it’ll be fine

My wish was that he had a farm next to mine”

“When the sun starts to burn in the cloudless sky

And I see that ol’ devil lay down and cry

When his mule starts to limp and his crops die in the field

I’ll figure it’s time that he’s ready to deal.”