Soldier caught up in custody battle in book

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline tells the story of a soldier who is caught up in a custody battle after his wife’s mysterious death in “Don’t Go.”

Dr. Mike Scanlon, serving in Afghanistan, gets the worst news in his life – his wife has died in an accident at home, bleeding to death. Crushed, Mike gets a brief leave to bury his wife and finds that her sister, Danielle, and her husband, Bob, are taking care of his infant daughter, Emily. He tries to bond with his young daughter, but she doesn’t know him and clings to his sister and brother-in-law. When Mike returns back to Afghanistan, a bombing kills several of his friends right in front of him, and while still dealing with that, he is asked to re-enlist for year. Danielle and Bob say they are happy to continue to act as guardians to his daughter, so he does. But when some devastating news about his wife comes to light and then another attack hits much closer to home, Mike returns home a changed man. And he finds Danielle and Bob aren’t willing to give back his daughter. Caught in a tug of war, who will Emily belong to? And will Mike ever fully return home?

This is a powerful story about how soldiers are changed forever and the difficulties of returning to civilian life. There is also the mystery surrounding Mike’s wife’s death, which is well-written, and the courtroom battle for the custody of Emily, which is heart-wrenching. Scottoline really delivers with this book.

“Don’t Go” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $27.99 and 374 pages long.

* * *

A widow gets a new start in her life in “The Lost Husband” by Katherine Center.

Libby has been living with her critical mother since her husband died, struggling to care for her two kids and find a job. Help comes in the form of her mother’s estranged sister, Aunt Jean, who offers Libby a job and a place to stay on her farm in Texas. Though her mother threatens to cut off all contact with her, Libby jumps at the chance.

At Aunt Jean’s farm and town, Libby not only finds a new home and community, but possibly a new love with a handsome farm manager. But when some shocking family secrets come to light, not only for Libby but for her would-be beau, will it change everything for them?

This is a warm story about family and small-town friends that would be a perfect summer read with some sweet tea!

“The Lost Husband” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $15 and 288 pages long.

* * *

A woman returns home to her small town after being threatened in her new job as a prosecuting attorney and encounters her first love in Ella Grace’s “Midnight Secrets.”

Savannah and her triplet sisters, Samantha and Sabrina’s lives were forever changed by the murder-suicide of her parents. Living with the grandfather after, the girls had to live with the scrutiny of their small town of Midnight, Ala. When the town bad boy, Zach Tanner, saves Savannah from a vicious attack, she falls quickly for him. But Zach’s troubled past proves to be a stumbling point to their romance, and he leaves her brokenhearted. Years later, Savannah returns home after being threatened by a criminal she helped put away. Midnight seems like the perfect place to get her bearings, but little does she know that Zach is now the town police chief! Sparks fly between the two the moment she returns home, but danger seems to have struck Midnight as well. Does this have to do with Savannah’s case or her parents’ murder?

This is a great romantic suspense novel that has hot chemistry between the two main characters and a suspenseful plot as well. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Savannah’s sisters!

“Midnight Secrets” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $7.99 and 415 pages long. Look for the next book, “Midnight Lies” coming soon!