Elliott enjoys Bush dedication

Elaine Elliott of St. Marys enjoyed attending the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

“I admire the Bushes,” Elliott said of former U.S. presidents George W. and his father, George H.W. “They seem like good, decent, honest people.”

Elliott named her three-year-old Maine Coon cat after the 43rd president of the United States. She calls the cat, at various times, “George”, “G.W.”, “Mr. President” and “President Bush.”

Elliott was hoping to meet George W. Bush at the presidential library dedication on April 25 but this did not happen. In fact, she was unable to tour the library, on the campus of Southern Methodist University, because it did not officially open until May 1.

As a financial contributor to the presidential library, Elliott received an invitation in the mail to attend the dedication. She took her invitation to the Sheraton Dallas Hotel where it was exchanged for a ticket.

“We sat far back and watched the dedication on a large screen,” she said. A crowd of 10,000 attended, including five U.S. presidents and first ladies and many dignitaries.

When I asked Elliott whether she intended to return to Dallas to visit the Bush presidential center, she replied, “You bet. Absolutely.”

She would like to see another Bush run for the White House – Jeb, the former governor of Florida and George W.’s younger brother.

Elliott was pleased that many of the people attending the dedication wore business attire. “Everyone was well-dressed, in suits; it was nice.”

Security was tight, she said.

Elliott and her cousin, Jo Ann Embleton of Akron, also visited the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, formerly known as the Texas School Book Depository. Lee Harvey Oswald is accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy from a sixth floor window of this building on Nov. 22, 1963.

“I got chills standing at the sixth floor window” where Oswald allegedly fired the shots, Elliott said.

The Sixth Floor Museum holds about 40,000 items related to the assassination of President Kennedy, the local and global aftermath of his death, the legacy of his presidency and the history and culture of the 1960s.

Elliott said she also was a fan of President Kennedy.


Congratulations to John A. Walsh of Vienna, Todd Burge of Parkersburg and all the musicians, singers and technical staff involved in “The Fields of Gettysburg” CD commemorating the Battle of Gettysburg sesquicentennial. The cast put on a wonderful show at FOG’s album release concert last Saturday night at the Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta. Walsh wrote 12 moving songs for the CD about the Battle of Gettysburg and a few of its figures. The Americana music, blending country, rock, folk, bluegrass, gospel and traditional, is top-notch as are the singers. Jessica Baldwin’s powerful voice resonated in the music hall as she, playing the role of Mary Wade, lamented the death of her daughter Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Mountain Stage co-founder and host Larry Groce is the narrator, Grammy winner Tim O’Brien plays the fiddle, West Virginia Music Hall of Fame founder/director Michael Lipton plays the electric guitar, Mountain Stage band veteran Ammed Solomon is on drums and percussion, and Bill White plays keyboard. Walsh recognized Dr. David George of Marietta for the studio time he provided for this project and thanked Burge, co-producer, for his efforts. Walsh is trying to get The FOG exposed to a wider audience. He received permission to sell the CD in the museum gift shop at Gettysburg National Military Park.


Abby Hayhurst hopes a large crowd turns out Sunday from 2-5 p.m. for an art show and sale dedicated to Parkersburg artist Rebecca Noble, who died in December. A total of 197 of Noble’s oil and acrylic paintings of landscapes, people and animals will cover the Parkersburg Art Center walls, in the facility’s largest exhibit ever, director Hayhurst said. About one-half of the paintings will be for sale while others are on loan from area residents.

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