Spooky stories for teens

Things get creepy with several new paranormal books for teens!

Cyn Balog tells the story of a girl who may be haunted by more than bad memories in “Dead River.”

Ki is making the best out of staying the weekend of prom at a cabin white water rafting with her gorgeous boyfriend, her best friend and cousin Angela, and another friend and would-be boyfriend of Angela’s, Hugo. But Ki hasn’t been to the river in a long time, ever since her mother drowned in it. Now her father won’t let her near a body of water, so Ki and her friends are lying about their whereabouts. But being this close to the river has dredged up more than bad memories for Ki – restless spirits are coming to her. Why? What is it about her? And two ghostly men are coming closer to her. Will literal ghosts of her past pull her down? This is a creepy thriller that does still manage to pull out a happily ever after in the end.

“Dead River” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $17.99.


Shana Abe brings a teen perspective to her adult series in “The Sweetest Dark.”

Lora Jones doesn’t know anything about her past. An orphan, she’s learned to hide some of her “extraordinariness” to keep from being put into a mental institution again. She tells no one about hearing songs and dreaming of smoke and flight and hearing strange voices. When she is selected to be a student at an elite boarding school named Iverson, she meets two boys there that hold a key to her past – and what she really is. Jesse, the groundskeeper, and Armand, the aristocrat, both seem to hold the key to her heart and her mysterious past. With danger around her, will she choose correctly or risk everything?

This is an atmospheric thriller/romance that will leave readers breathless.

“The Sweetest Dark” is published by Bantam. It is $16.


Amelia Atwater-Rhodes delivers a story about a hunter and the predatory things he hunts in “Promises to Keep.”

Jay Marintich, witch and vampire hunter, does what he has to, no matter what the danger, to track down his prey. Even if that means attending a lavish party at a vampire empress’ house. And somehow, he finds himself bewitched by an unstable vampire and a shapeshifter, and ends up coming to their aid. Is this an alliance that could mean the end for Jay? Or is it just the beginning of something else entirely?

This is a story of shifting alliances, rivalries and romance that will keep readers up all night.

“Promises to Keep” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $16.99.

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