Science fiction mixes with horror, TV series

Dana Fredsti continues her story of “Wild Cards” amid the zombie apocalypse in “Plague Nation.”

Ashley Parker is one of the “Wild Cards” – people who are immune to the zombie virus that has been spreading, first through flu vaccinations and now through the bites of the undead. While Ashley didn’t die in the initial wave, surrounding her college, her boyfriend and a lot of her friends dead. Now with her fellow Wild Cards, Ashley is doing battle with the undead, with a quip or two and a really deadly katana. Thanks to her immunity, Ashley also has enhanced speed, strength and senses to aid her – because while a bite won’t change her, given enough chunks taken out of her, she will die.

Along with a shadow government organization, Ashley and her friends are cleaning up the town of Redwood Grove. But it seems more and more attacks are showing up all over the country – someone has leaked the flu vaccinations all over the country. And when some deadly sabotage goes down amid Ashley’s group, she must face the facts that someone wants the plague to spread. As the group embarks on a mission to San Francisco, will they be taken down by the growing legions of the undead or a deadly enemies in their midst?

This is a great zombie apocalypse story with plenty of action and scares. Ashley and her friends get a boost from their “superpowers” making it a bit like Buffy or superheroes fighting amid the undead, and their pop culture quips on add to that factor. The fast pace will have readers burn through pages and craving more.

“Plague Nation” is published by Titan Books. It is $7.99 and 326 pages long. Look for “Plague Town” available now and “Plague World” coming soon.


Doctor Who is back on BBC America! Celebrate with three new novels with all-new adventures with the Doctor and his new companion, Clara, in “Shroud of Sorrow” by Tommy Donbavand, “Plague of the Cybermen” by Justin Richards and “The Dalek Generation” by Nicholas Briggs.

In “Shroud of Sorrow” the Doctor and Clara show up the day after John F. Kennedy’s assassination to find the world in chaos. People are seeing faces of dead loved ones everywhere. And these ‘ghosts’ are starting to push into our world. Can the Doctor and Clara stop this wave of sorrow that threatens to consume everyone?

In “Plague of the Cybermen” the Doctor is in a small 19th-century village where the town is being taken over by a disease. It seems to be linked to artifacts the villagers are finding. And this disease seems to be turning people into metal…and the dead seem to be rising…It’s up to the Doctor to prove to the village that these “Plague Warriors” have been called something else for a long time – Cybermen!

In “The Dalek Generation” the Doctor ends up at Sunlight 349, a small planet that is housing displaced and poverty stricken humans. They seem to be getting a second chance at life, thanks to their benefactors – the Daleks! The Doctor has multiple reasons to be suspicious, but no one seems to believe him. When he becomes a “protector” to a small group of children, can he save them and help them see the light before its too late?

These are quick reads that will entertain fans of the television show. All of the authors handle the Doctor and his surrounding well and remain true to the series.

All three books are published by Broadway. They are $9.99 each.

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