Women’s fiction released

A “mean girl” gets a second chance to right her wrongs, but will that change everything? Find out in New York Times bestselling author Jen Lancaster’s “Here I Go Again.”

Lissy Ryder ruled the school in her day. But as an adult, she’s starting to see that her mean girl ways may have been her undoing. After losing her job, being left by her husband and having to return to her parents’ house, a disasterous attempt to make working contacts out of her former classmates whom she made miserable, makes Lissy wonder where it all went wrong. Her former hippie classmate, Deva, gives her a strange concoction that she says will bring her peace and enlightenment, and Lissy wakes up in the past in her 17-year-old body! But as Lissy sets out to be “nice” and change her ways, she sees her life improving, but her classmates aren’t getting any better. Is there a middle ground between perfect student and evil mean girl? Will Lissy ever get it right?

This is a fun tale for anyone who has ever wanted to confront the mean girl or change things from their own high school experience.

“Here I Go Again” is published by New American Library It is $25.95 and 320 pages long.


New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers tells the story of a warm cast of characters surrounding a small town in Massachusetts in “That Night on Thistle Lane.”

Phoebe O’Dunn, the town librarian, has seemingly given up in romance. Her two sisters try to convince her to attend a masqurade gala out-of-town and Phoebe demurs but helps them dress for the occasion. After they leave, she decides to go as well and dons her own costume. There, she is swept off her feet literally by a dashing swashbuckler. When she overhears someone threatening the swashbuckler, she feels compelled to help him. But is dashing Noah Kendrick, the man behind the mask, someone she can trust? Or is Phoebe destined for a broken heart?

With plenty of warmth, atmosphere and charismatic characters, Negger’s story will enchant romance fans.

“That Night on Thistle Lane” is published by Mira. It is $7.99 and 368 pages long.

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A morning show television host gets a blast from the past – in the form of her ex husband – in Molly O’Keefe’s “Crazy Thing Called Love.”

Madelyn Cornish put aside past hurts and even her past life when she moved to Dallas and became a daytime host. She is all work and no play, that is until her producers throws her for a spin by insisting the show do a makeover show on rough-and-tumble hockey star Billy Wilkins, and Maddy’s ex-husband. Madelyn is very resistant and fights them at every turn and even tries to convince Billy not to do it. But Billy has seen his life fall apart since Maddy left him and wants her back and sees the show as a way back to her. Will Billy win her heart again? Or has too much damage been done to it?

This is a sizzling story of second chances, bad boys and rekindled romance. Readers will devour this sexy sweet.

“Crazy Thing Called Love” is published by Bantam. It is $7.99 and 357 pages long.


A wedding photographer finds a romance of her own in Picture Perfect” by Janice Thompson.

Hannah McDermott is trying to get her photography business on the map. Shooting a wedding for a celebrity client and an article in Texas Bride is definitely getting her name out there, but Hannah wants to become the go-to photographer for the most desired wedding planner. But her main competition, Drew Kincaid, always seems to get in the way. But the more she’s in Drew’s path, the more the chemistry between them becomes apparent. Is Drew really an enemy or an ally?

This is a warm story of romance amidst rivalry and a career-driven woman who may finally take a chance on love.

“Picture Perfect” is published by Revell. It is $13.99 and 324 pages long.

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