Mysteries can be cozy or thrilling

New York Times bestselling author Mary Jane Clark returns with a new Piper Donovan mystery in “Footprints in the Sand.”

Piper and her parents are traveling to Sarasota, Fla., for the wedding of Piper’s cousin, Kathy. Everyone is ready to enjoy the wedding and the nuptials, but Kathy is upset by the disapperance of one of her bridesmaids. When the body of the bridesmaid turns up on the beach, everyone is horrified. An elderly neighbor who claims to have seen a man carrying a body is run off the road. And Piper senses a connection between a young Amish man and the murder. As the wedding date nears, so does the danger to Piper, as she seems to be in the killer’s sights. Will the wedding continue as planned or will murder mar the festivities?

This is a cozy mystery in a lush setting that will give readers a thrill on a cold winter night.

“Footprints in the Sand” is published by William Morrow. It is $25.99 and 384 pages long.


New York Times bestsellaing author Linda Howard tells the story of a woman who knows she’s living a lie in “Shadow Woman.”

Lizette Henry wakes up one day knowing her life isn’t exactly right. For starters, the face she sees in the mirror is not the one she knows she was born with. She can only remember the last three years of her life and if she tries to think of the time two years before that, she gets viciously sick. She has an odd feeling she is being watched by unseen forces. And she seems to know the ways of a spy, but if she tries to access it in her memory, she gets sick again. Lizette is trying to sort out her life without triggering whoever is watching her, and when she runs into a handsome stranger at the pharmacy, she gets the feeling he isn’t a stranger at all, but someone from her past that she cannot know. Is he danger or someone who can help her? Who has tampered with Lizette’s memory and her face and why?

This is a thrilling mystery of intrigue, deception and secret agents. Readers will burn through the pages as Lizette attempts to uncover the truth.

“Shadow Woman” is published by Ballantine Books. It is $27 and 319 pages long.


Bestselling author Dee Henderson tells a story of love between a police officer and an FBI agent in “Full Disclosure.”

FBI agent Paul Falcon is on the trail of a woman shooter. Ann Silver is a homicide investigator, helping local law enforcment with their toughest cases. When a car wreck and suspicious death case she is working on intersect with his case, the two meet and sparks immediately fly. Both are hardened cops who don’t trust easily, but can they take a chance with each other? Will the cases they are working on ever give them a chance to or is the danger too great? And what is the past that is haunting Ann?

This is an intriguing story about two detectives dealing with love and trust, as well as murder cases, that will give mystery fans a healthy dose of both romance and suspense.

“Full Disclosure” is published by Bethany House. It is $15.99 and 473 pages.

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