There’s no time to waste

As the Trump administration and most congressional and state Republicans continue the ostrich approach to addressing the global climate crisis — their proverbial head in the hole as the Midwest is under water, much of the West is still a cinder and places like Texas, Florida and especially Puerto Rico continue to rebuild from total devastation — local action on the climate crisis has grown more and more important.

At Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action, we have been dedicated for nearly four years to educating on, leading activism on and coalition-building around addressing the climate crisis. We happily work with Republicans (like those few advocating for carbon taxation and other climate solutions) and anyone else to take on this crisis, but time is short and we have no time to waste. The science is settled and the argument is over … the time for action is now.

Examples of what Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action has done include, but are not limited to, the following: We have joined with the organization Solar United Neighbors of both West Virginia and Ohio to help folks join the Mid-Ohio Valley Solar Co-Op in both Wood and Washington counties and the surrounding areas and we are working with Solar United Neighbors of Ohio again at this time to help folks join the Appalachian Solar and EV (Electric Vehicle) Co-Op, again on both sides of the Ohio River; We have awarded cash prizes for a climate change public service announcements contest to area high schools and colleges, wherein the first prize was won by contestants at Ohio Valley University for running a TV and radio spot; We have provided a scholarship for a solar installer licensing course held at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta; We have worked with West Virginians for Energy Freedom to stop the sale of the Pleasants Power Station from First Energy’s Ohio subsidiary to its West Virginia subsidiary, saving Mon Power and Potomac Edison ratepayers in West Virginia thousands of dollars; and we have an excellent program in Wood County and surrounding county schools on both sides of the river where we have reached between 3,000 and 4,000 middle and high school students, including some private school students, with presentations on the climate crisis and the urgency involved.

We can’t let willful ignorance and/or greed destroy our ability to safely inhabit this planet. If you want to understand where we are and how close we came in the past to avoiding our current fate, I recommend three books: “The Uninhabitable Earth” by David Wallace-Wells; “Falter” by Bill McKibben; and “Losing Earth” by Nathaniel Rich. All are available at the Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library. Join with us and Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action today and help us not only save the grandchildren, but save ourselves!

Eric Engle