Letter was filled with lies

The letter to the News and Sentinel on May 26 titled, “Democrats are afraid of Barr,” was a combination of silliness and misleading fabrications.

Essentially, that letter told us Trump’s new Attorney General William Barr, is going to rain on the Democrats’ parade. It will begin raining shortly after Barr digs up all the imaginary dirt the Democrats have supposedly buried in that secret place known only to conservative conspiracy theorists. You know! The “Deep-State.” We’ve been told the Dems should be frightened of Barr. Really? I think that’s nonsense. I see it as a fantastic opportunity for everyone. We’ll finally learn how far down the rabbit-hole we all have to run to find that famous and fictional “deep-state.”

The writer of that May 26 letter told us, “Barr never misrepresented the Mueller Report and Mueller had no problem with Barr’s interpretation of his report.” That comment is an absolute lie. Mueller wrote a letter of complaint to Barr shortly after Barr first summarized the report. That letter went public and that letter strongly objected to Barr distorting Mueller’s work.

That writer also told us the Mueller Report exonerated Trump of any wrongdoing. He said there was, “no collusion and no obstruction.” More lies! Over 700 former federal prosecutors signed an open letter to Congress stating that Mueller’s report was a perfect roadmap for prosecuting and convicting Donald Trump of obstructing justice.

That writer then added a preposterous question. “Barr wants to know what Obama knew and when did he know it?” Geeezz! That dumb question is just as absurd today as it was during Watergate. And he told us Obama had two of the worst Attorneys General in history, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. And his point was what? Why are those comments about Obama and Holder and Lynch in this letter? They don’t clarify or educate. They have nothing to do with what Barr might do. They’re meaningless political noise randomly inserted into a letter to the editor.

Barr doesn’t just represent danger to Democrats. He’s a danger to the whole nation. Instead of functioning as the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer, Barr has become a flunky for the idiot in the Oval Office. The flunky and his idiot boss are positioning themselves to trash the rule-of-law. That move goes far beyond political irresponsibility. That move is downright criminal.

Ralph Chambers