Left wing’s questionable tactics

In the Sunday, June 2, letters to the editor, one of this area’s people of the left accused a previous writer of just having a letter filled with lies. The original letter was an opinion piece that stated that Democrats should be a little afraid of what AG Barr might uncover about the origins of the Mueller probe and the FISA requests. Our leftist writer said it was all silliness and misleading fabrications.

Let us look into those allegations. Our leftist writer questioned the reality of the “deep state.” The “deep state” is the unelected bureaucrats that are in all branches of government, and these people have way too much power and influence over everything that goes on in Washington. President Eisenhower warned us of the power of the military-industrial complex (the deep state) in the late 1950s. If our leftist writer does not know about this he should watch some channels other than MSNBC and CNN.

Now let’s discuss “rabbit holes.” Our wonderful lefty writer should just remember that we have just spent over two years and millions of dollars going down the “rabbit hole” of collusion. Guess what, Mueller said no collusion. I don’t remember Mr. Lefty complaining about that debacle. No lies there!

Now for the obstructing justice “rabbit hole.” Just remember dear writer that the Mueller Report could not, or more appropriately, would not say that President Trump was guilty or innocent. They could not prove guilty, though, and I believe they left it open for purely political reasons. Just remember who was doing the investigation: one man whom the president chose not to lead the FBI again (no chance of bias there) and 16 Democratic prosecutors, some who worked for Clinton and some who were donors to Clinton (definitely no chance of bias there).

We will just have to wait a little longer for the three probes into how this mess started, but just remember there already have been several people fired or demoted for wrongdoing. I believe I know what happened, but I will wait for the final answers. As far as President Obama goes, how could he have not known what was going on? His handle is on some emails asking about the probe, and why didn’t he get involved about Russian hacking earlier in 2016? He knew it was going on, but then again if you only watch MSNBC and CNN you would not know about this. They are the stations of total Trump hate, and after the release of the Mueller Report their ratings dropped way down because many people finally figured out they had been just lying about the Russian collusion story for over two years.

Why is it that people of the left most always use name calling as a justification that they are correct? If you disagree with them, you are either a racist, a homophobe or you are just plain a liar. There can be no disagreement. Calling AG Barr a flunky and President Trump an idiot are just wrong. Further, saying that they are trashing the law, are politically irresponsible and criminal are also just wrong. To use the writer’s own words, these words don’t clarify or educate. They are meaningless political noise randomly inserted into a letter to the editor.

Let’s just see how this plays out. If nothing happened, then fine. If what I think happened did in fact happen, then we should follow the facts wherever, as high up as need be, to find out who all was involved and if criminal things happened; then those people should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Brian Bennett

Washington, W.Va.