Senior services are vital

As a new year begins, let us wait and see what the Board of Directors of the Wood County Senior Citizens Association Inc. will do next.

They seem to enjoy telling a story but not the whole story. For example, since Dec. 6 through Dec. 20, 2018, there have been no less than four articles in the newspaper showcasing their actions.

On Dec. 6, an article and picture appeared showing they purchased a new vehicle in order to deliver meals to more seniors. This by all means is good, but not something new. Previous Boards of Directors have purchased vehicles in order to deliver more meals or for senior transportation.

On Dec. 10, there was an article in the paper saying the Board of Directors have narrowed the selection for a new site down to two possibilities. This is nothing to brag about, they have been looking for months.

First, they would like to lease out the building we are in, then move to a new location. So you may ask why does this upset the senior citizens? Looking for a new place does not upset the seniors, for we have been wanting a street level place for a long time.

As of Sept. 15, 2018 all social activities were stopped. Renovation has not taken place and the activities space is not being utilized. That is what is upsetting to the seniors. The only reasonable explanation for this is because the Board of Directors do not feel social activities are important or perhaps they do not have the experience or knowledge to properly deal with senior citizens: Perhaps their expertise lies elsewhere. Can one judge future actions by current actions?

On Dec. 12, 2018, an article was in the paper in the supplemental section “Seniors” explaining the different programs the center has to offer to seniors. This was an informative article. It left out the fact these programs have been ongoing for years, and was among the reasons this organization was established.

Finally on Dec. 20, an article appeared explaining “we would like to do something extra special for the seniors this year …”

Christmas time of the year is a special time. Every year something special has been done for the seniors for the Christmas Lunch and packages have been prepared to take home. These are nice gestures. What was extra memorable about the Christmas Lunch of 2018 was the fact that the seniors unable to drive were not transported to the center for the Christmas Lunch like they have been for years. They missed a good lunch and socializing with other seniors, yet some member of the Board of Directors took advantage of the Christmas Lunch.

Does that seem right to you? Senior citizens that do not drive have not been transported to the center for activities and a noon meal since Sept. 14, when the transportation stopped because the social activities were stopped. They no longer can enjoy social activities and a noon meal at the center, but they do get the meals delivered at home. Do you consider that a fair exchange? Is that treating seniors as if they are not important enough to be transported to the center like all the other Boards of Directors have transported them?

Telling the whole story is not being negative, it is being factual. So let us wait and see if the Board of Directors will be able to comprehend the concept that social activities are a part of the Articles of Incorporation dated May 1977.

Michael Farnsworth Sr.