Religion vital to culture

Why in the world is the News and Sentinel allowing a tiny group of atheists to use the paper to push their graceless and pushy propaganda? I am referring to the op-ed published in Wednesday’s editorial page that referred to their “Freedom From Religion Day.”

I guess they want us to be reminded of all the evil that religion has perpetrated on the universe. Maybe the atheists can tell us how many hospitals they founded. Or how they were instrumental in creating the great universities and educational systems. Maybe I’ve missed the atheist food pantries, day cares and orphanages. Tell us about the atheists that championed the overturning of slavery and elevating the status of women. If you want to remove religion then you will be removing all of these things as well as love, empathy, civility, justice, morality, selflessness and care from our culture because all of these things come from being created in the image of God.

Do you really want to live in a world where it is believed that everybody and everything just emerged from some primordial soup without any purpose, without any guiding cause and without any sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves? Godless cultures are dangerous cultures. Russia tried freedom from religion and look how it turned out for them. Atheism, at its core, must mean that we are all in it for ourselves. There are no rules, there is nothing right and it’s all about me, me, me. A world without Jesus, a world without the church would in no way, shape or form make this a better place.

The Rev. Brian Harrell