On the McCarthyite among us

Please, Lord! Save our poorly educated confused children from the grasp of a totally corrupt, leftist-leaning, commie-loving, public education system. Amen.

Essentially, that was the basic message in a letter to the editor on Jan. 13 titled, “Youth are being brainwashed.” It was 12 paragraphs and 400 plus words and it read like an audition for a speech-writer’s job with the late anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy.

That letter was an all-out attack on our public education system. In case anyone missed that piece of printed garbage, let me summarize and quote some of the key talking points the writer offered.

(1) “Our public-school teachers are responsible for our failing and fraudulent education system.” Really? Fraudulent?

(2) “From a child’s first awareness in public school they see and study extreme left-wing liberalism which is steeped in hate and indoctrinated with lies which teach young people to learn, speak and write by parroting Marxist talking points.” Really? Parroting Marxist talking points in elementary school? Wow!

(3) Tyranny comes from our own government and bureaucrats. They unconstitutionally disarm citizens and limit free speech and restrict religious freedom. The seeds for this tyranny are sown and nurtured by a totally corrupt public education system.” Really?

Can that writer list the names of all those citizens who were unconstitutionally disarmed? And how many people can he identify who had their free speech limited? And who were the people who had their freedom of religion restricted? I doubt if that writer has a factual answer to any of those questions. If challenged, I’m certain he couldn’t support any of the absurd accusations which occupied most of the print space in his silly letter.

Far-right wing-nuts seldom allow sophisticated concepts like truth and facts to get in the way of their bogus narrative. Their usual approach is to blow enough smoke to confuse the slow-thinkers in the audience. That writer dumped a ton of wordy, pseudo-intellectual lies into his ridiculous letter. That’s the type of twisted nonsense that overwhelms those who are low on cerebral horsepower. I’m sure that technique is very effective when you’re trying to influence a certain disadvantaged group of readers but it’s still a disgusting pack of lies with no redeeming value.

Ralph Chambers