Crisis on the border is real

How many readers of the News and Sentinel know what the following people have in common?

Josie Bluhn, Marten Kudlis, Breanna Schneller, Ofc. Henry Canales, Ofc. Shane Figueroa, Hunter Javens, Jesse Javens, Emilee Olsen, Reed Stevens, Pierce Corcoran, Sarah Root, Kaybrin Osborne, Halle Young, Ofc. Kevin Will, Modena Lynn Dollison, Ofc. Ronil Singh, John Zupan, Kristopher William Eggle, Peter Hacking, Ellie Jean Bryant, Shayley Estes, Josh Hampton, Steven Ray Marler Jr., Sabrina Starr, Charles Byrdic, Ofc. Adam Jobbers Miller, Detective Michael Davis Jr., Daniel Golden, William “Dennis” McCann, Joshua Wilkerson, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, Jamiel Shaw Jr., Dominic Durdon, Drew Rosenberg, Alexander Mazin, Edwin Jackson, Jeffrey Monroe, Madison Wells, Matthew Denice, Brittany Williams, Naomi Mercury, Marina Pulec, Robin Shellhammer, Barbara Shellhammer, Whitney Meinke, Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck and Deputy Danny Oliver.

What they have in common is they are on a growing list of Americans killed by immigrants, illegally in this country. They would be alive today had their killers been kept from entering the U.S. or had been deported.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other Democratic leaders should tell these people’s families and friends there is no crisis on our southern border.

We have enough violent criminals of our own. We don’t need more coming in from around the world. Immigrants willingly breaking our laws by illegally entering our country are going to have few qualms about further breaking our laws when they are running, unrestrained, in the U.S.

Immigrants legally entering the country tend to be very law-abiding. Leftists deliberately conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants.

Coming across our southern border in 2018 we had a 122 percent increase in fentanyl. 300 Americans every week are killed by heroin, 90 percent of which comes across our southern border

Last month alone, over 20,000 minors were smuggled into the U.S. with an average of 50 children a day requiring emergency medical care at our southern border.

There is no “manufactured” crisis at our southern border. There is a Democratic “manufactured” cover-up of the crisis.

There is a crisis in Washington, D.C., due to Pelosi and Schumer’s Democratic obstructionism over funding the border wall.

How many more Americans need die before Pelosi and Schumer end their shutdown and fund the wall?

$5.7 billion — one-tenth of one percent — of U.S. current budget, for a wall would be government chump change well spent.

Steve Wolverton