A look at Pelosi, Schumer

Satire has been a great tool used in editorials for centuries. Satirical editorials sometimes employ ridiculous rhetoric, to point out perceived wrongs in a society. If some of you readers know me, don’t suffer a cardiac infarction.

I have changed my mind on several points. I no longer object to giving up the semi-automatic .22 rifle I own. My twenty gauge pump shotgun will go with that old .22. I haven’t harvested a grouse or a squirrel for several years now anyway. The hordes of illegal immigrants who come to America are welcome. They should be provided free food, housing, medical care and money.

Nancy Pelosi and other high profile politicians have now ordered the walls around their mansions to be demolished. Their security details will no longer carry semi-automatic weapons. Their very large mansions have dozens of rooms, where numerous illegal immigrants are being housed. Most of the rooms in those mansions are bigger than the hovels her guests left behind. Nancy Pelosi personally welcomed several dozen illegal immigrants to her mansion. Nancy’s large kitchen staff is quite busy providing for her guests. Her guests are going to malls, spending the free money Nancy made sure they received.

Chuck Schumer followed Nancy’s lead. His mansion is bigger than Nancy’s, and it was opened to even more illegal immigrants. Nancy and Chuck have both instructed fellow Democrats to personally provide for these illegal immigrants. This satirical editorial showcases the hypocrisy of Democratic leadership. Nancy Pelosi wants the average Americans to surrender our firearms. She is protected, but we do not need protection. Nancy wants taxpayers to take care of the illegals. Don’t ask her if she or Chuck will house any of them. When I see Nancy Pelosi’s mansion wall demolished, her security detail disarmed and her mansion housing dozens of illegals, I might consider that I could be wrong about her and her ilk.

Joseph C. Duckworth