There’s more than C8 to fear

I happened to stumble across an article regarding C8 and other contaminants that surround Chemours in Cape Fear, N.C., and was interesting to find there has been yet another chemical added to the mix that hasn’t been discussed here in our area. In this article, it stated that not only do they have high levels of C8, GenX but also C3-Ether they have been exposed to. Here exposure to C8 and testing of GenX in the water from the Washington Works plant has happened but do we also have C3 too? Only so many from this area were tested for the C8 and it is not understood why hasn’t everyone in the valley been tested? These chemicals along with others (30) are 3rd unregulated contaminants that the EPA does testing for them about every 3-5 years.

The carbon filters that were installed in Vienna by DuPont are supposed to filter out these chemicals in our water. Why just Vienna to have the filters? Our municipalities can only do so much it is up to the EPA what will be tested and it has been stated in the past about the funding available. The EPA office said if the people want to pay for testing of their municipal wells they can do so at their own expense. The exposure to these chemicals has been stated they are linked to birth defects, kidney disease, thyroid disease, cancer, and many more health issues and is a concern for all of us.

The MOV has been labeled cancer valley for as long as I can remember and perceived it is inevitable people are going to get cancer living here. We are at the mercy of the lawmakers at state and federal levels when it comes to the EPA, giving permits, and testing.

I spoke to Senator Manchin last month after a luncheon and brought up the exposures we are facing here in our area and he said to me we are working on it. I was told it takes 51 percent in the Legislature to get anything passed. It should be a law that the companies filter their emissions along with stricter regulations on what is allowed to be released into the air or water. The manufacturing companies along the river depending on each state that borders West Virginia have their own laws and that is something we face with dealing with emissions on Ohio Route 50 and 7.

Zero exposure to the public regarding contaminates and that can only happen when the people come together wanting laws to be changed. Corporations do not and should not run our government. The people should have a say in what we will and will not accept.

Brenda Powell