Stand against animal cruelty

I am speaking on behalf of myself as well as several other concerned citizens in our community (including humane society volunteers and supporters) who read in horror the description outlined in the Washington County Sheriff’s Office report indicating that several images were observed (on videos) of a man torturing a black and white cat, placing duct tape on the cat’s sides and eyes as well as pulling the cat around by its tail. One video showed the man throwing the cat across the room on two different occasions. One video showed the cat struggling to get up and falling over. The cat’s legs were broken, and, as we understand, the cat is deceased.

It is our hope that this individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We understand that animal abuse laws are relatively weak. If you share our concern, please do your research and communicate to the appropriate lawmakers that stiffer laws are needed for people who abuse animals.

Initiating change can be as simple as writing or calling your local and state representatives to ask: “As a constituent in your district that you please support tougher laws for cruelty to companion animals.” It’s that simple. You can find your congressman for your area simply googling it.

This poor cat (as well as many other innocent animals) deserves our voice … that we, individually and as a community, want CHANGE.

Linda L. Perry

Washington, W.Va.