Little more than name-calling

In response to Mr. Jim Mullen’s opinion piece appearing Nov. 25, I offer the following. On Friday, Nov. 16, I spent the day at Blennerhassett Middle School observing the several Mid-Ohio Climate Action programs presented to 8th grade science classes. In none of them did I see Mr. Mullen observing firsthand.

I found these programs fact-based and quite fair as they presented evidence of the source and effects of climate change. Presenters were objective as they let this evidence speak for itself. It looked to me like education not indoctrination.

Name-calling in Mr. Jim Mullen’s piece of Nov. 25, took me back to recess in my middle school days: far left, radical, dubious, liberal, despicable, left wing, leftist, disciples of desperation and fraud. Those tactics from bygone days and still in use today have never led to any satisfactory, constructive conclusion then or any rational discussion today. Name-calling does not lead us to identifying our problems or agreeing on solutions.

If Mr. Mullen has attended a meeting of the Mid-Ohio Climate Action, I was not there. As his opinion piece indicates, Mr. Mullen, nonetheless, has much to say about such issues and those who are concerned with them.

If we met in a court of debate, as witnesses I would first call the 99+ percent of scientists who have studied climate change and have reported on its effects. Next I would call the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which reported to the United Nations. Finally, I would call the thirteen agencies of our own government who recently reported on the effects of climate change to the White House and the public. I would call on those who read these reports and not call upon opinion.

Any middle schooler knows the grandstand is not where the game is played.

Madison Brown