‘Justice’ for W.Va. retirees

We are the forgotten masses, we are the WV State Employee Retirees. Once again, when active teachers and state employees received raises, we did not.

That is not new. I have been retired 20 years and have NEVER received an increase in benefits, in fact my benefits DECREASED several times, no thanks to the heavy-handed PEIA.

I tried to contact the governor’s offices via phone twice, and was passed around and never did get a person to have a discussion. I talked to two local legislators who were surprised, and to their credit did check and find that state retirees in fact did not get an increase — no offer to further assist, however.

This is an ongoing problem. Here are my suggestions for solutions: Grant state retirees a raise retroactive to the starting point of the increase to active employees, and also make it a legislative mandate that henceforth state retirees will get what ever raise that everyone else does.

It is only fair and right, and quite frankly unless enough of us raise a stink, the governor nor the Legislature will do any thing, in my opinion Based on history, they do not care.

I’ve seen this through 32 years service, and 20+ years retirement. It IS time for “justice.”

“John” Clyde W. Dobson