Helping seniors keep their pets

What a wonderful year 2018 has been. What started a year ago as an idea has become more than we ever dreamed.

Compassionate Animal Resources for the Elderly (CARE) is an organization made of people who work tirelessly raising funds to provide financial assistance to qualifying seniors age 65 and older for the care of their companion pets. Sometimes a senior is unable to pay for veterinary care, regular grooming and when a short hospital stay for the pet owner is necessary, boarding. How awful it must be for an elderly pet owner to be forced to choose relinquishment or euthanasia because there was no other option. Now, there is another option: CARE.

CARE was established in May 2018 as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. Its purpose it to help the elderly in Wood and Washington counties keep their pets with them in their homes. We were blessed to help our first client in June and have provided financial assistance to 20 people in 2018. Applications for assistance come in weekly, and sometimes on a daily basis. It warms our hearts to know we are helping the area’s most deserving people and their pets.

The board of directors would like to thank every person who has supported CARE, whether that be by attending one of our fundraisers, donating prize or gift items, baking desserts to sell, making a monetary donation or volunteering your time and energy. A special thanks to the anonymous donor who helped us open an account at the Marietta Community Foundation. Finally, thank you to all the veterinarian offices who refer clients to our organization. The kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness of each person is greatly appreciated because without you we would cease to exist. We only wish you could witness the heartfelt and tearful thanks we receive when we are able to make someone’s life a little easier.

If you know someone in need of assistance, would like to make a tax deductible donation or would like to learn more Compassionate Animal Resources for the Elderly, please visit our Facebook page or website at

Jamiann Voshel, president

Compassionate Animal Resources for the Elderly