Thank you from a veteran

I’m writing about the Veterans Day appreciation that was held at Lubeck Baptist Church from the students at Lubeck Elementary School and their staff.

I want to thank the Lubeck PTA for the lunch they provided for us veterans and their family.

It was a great turn out when several veterans and their family showed up at Lubeck Baptist Church for the Veterans Appreciation.

The student stood up and wrang bells for the song “America.”

The students sang “God Bless America” and several other songs.

The Boys Scouts set the American flag.

I personally want to thank the Lubeck Baptist Church, Lubeck Elementary School and all their staff for a great program they put on for us veterans and showing their appreciation.

I want to personally thank Sheriff Stephens and his staff or having the roads blocked from the school to the church so the students would have a safe walk to the church.

I heard nothing but how great this was from several veterans that was talking about they sure did appreciate this and they went through a lot of work for us.

So as a Gulf War veteran and for all the other veterans that attended the ceremony, our hats are off to you all for the hard work you all had done to make this possible for us veterans.

Thanks, again.

John D. McIntyre