Noise must be eliminated

In reference to Jim Weigle’s comments in an article in the Nov. 17 News and Sentinel about the screeching noise from Eramet, I could not agree more.

It is a great disturbance to our life and to our sleep. I live about one mile off Rt. 7 in Ohio, a few miles up the road from Eramet. In the 11 years we have lived here, we have never had such a noise like this. Oh, yes, the occasional barge and train noises and the like, but nothing that goes on 24/7.

We have been listening to this annoyance since the first of October, if not longer. While it appears the noise Mr. Weigle hears is greater than what we hear, it is never ending. I have tried to explain it away as a barge unloading something, and just when I think it has stopped; it starts up again, even pulsating at times. I find it hard to believe that Eramet is unaware of this situation. They know what it is and obviously do not care that it disturbs their neighbors.

My neighborhood has always been very quiet and peaceful … until now. I will support whatever Sheriff Mincks or someone, perhaps the county commission, can do to stop this noise. I even checked with the EPA, but it appears they have no jurisdiction in matters of this type. I have given up long ago about the brownish crud on the back of my house that stains my siding, obviously from Eramet also. Using a pressure washer at 2550 PSI does not touch it.

However, I will not give up about something that disturbs my enjoyment of the neighborhood and my sleep. This must stop. It is something relatively new and was never here before. I certainly hope something can be done … and soon.

Robert Sadler